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Laura Czingula, Editor in Chief
Laura Czingula, Editor in Chief

It is hard to believe that I am graduating college in just nine days from today. I remember my first day at the University of La Verne. It was a Tuesday, and I was sitting in my first college class, 18-years-old and hung over from going to the Lollapalooza concert in Dominguez Hills the night before. The tickets were a high school graduation present from a friend, and I could not pass up the opportunity.

However, like my first day of school at La Verne, each of my four years at ULV has some significant memory to me, especially my freshman year.

Half of the reason I came to ULV was to play on the women’s basketball team. However, head coach Julie Kline had one rule for the team that was sort of hard to go by.

Rule No.1, no drinking alcohol during the basketball season.

After getting caught drinking two different times around ULV — off campus of course — I soon realized how word spreads around this campus. I, along with a few other girls on the team, were punished for what we did with dawn duty.

I kept pressing my luck thinking I was smarter than the system. I partied, but only when I went back home to Costa Mesa. I thought I could get away with it being away from ULV, but that was when I found out you cannot trust any women on this campus when a teammate/friend ratted me out to coach Kline. She had gotten caught for drinking again and decided to take me down right with her. My coach had no choice but to stick by her word and kick me off the team.

Boy, that was a moment in time I will never forget. I was kicked off the team for the last two games. It was one of the worst things that had ever happened to me. I was so upset that I seriously thought about transferring to another school. But as you can see, I decided to stay and had a great second year at ULV, my sophomore year.

I would have to say that year was the best time for me. The no drinking rule was cancelled, I finally met a friend I could trust, Katie Miner, my basketball team beat the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (whom I cannot stand) in conference play and we went to playoffs for the first time in ULV women’s history. Although we lost that game by five points in overtime, it was something I will never forget, especially the weekend after that game.

My junior year was not as I hoped it to be. I was doing good in school and I was the sports editor for the Campus Times, which I loved, but everything else seemed to have gone downhill.

That was the year I tore my ACL (anterior crucial ligament) at basketball practice one night and had orthoscopic surgery, which did nothing for my knee, considering I needed reconstructive surgery. Once again I was screwed over by someone in this city, my doctor. That year I only played in seven basketball games because of my knee.

I was also stuck in a bad situation dealing with personal issues that year, but I am glad to announce that I am over it and happy with my life now.

Which leads me to the present year, my senior year.

I would have to say that this year ties for funniest year at ULV with my sophomore year.

Although it has been hard getting everything done to graduate on time, I am glad to say that I have accomplished many of my goals at ULV. I came back to play basketball from ACL surgery two months earlier than expected by my new and much better doctor. I earned my starting position back on the basketball team, was the editor in chief of the Campus Times, finished my senior project (which I thought I never would do) and in nine days I will be receiving a degree in journalism.

Not bad for someone who was thinking of taking off to another school her freshman year.

Despite what everyone says about ULV, including myself, I am happy to say that I attended college at the University of La Verne.

Looking back over my past four years at ULV, I would have to say I have had some good times and memories that I will certainly never forget.

Laura Czingula, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

Laura Czingula, Sports Editor
Laura Czingula

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