SDSU coach rips ULV fans after loss

by Laura Czingula
Editor in Chief

Last Tuesday after the men’s volleyball team defeated San Diego State University, Leopards head coach Jack Coberly approached Aztecs coach Jack Henn, as all coaches do after a game, to shake hands. However, to Coberly’s surprise Henn had more than just shaking hands on his mind.

“After the match I went to thank the San Diego coach. As I walked up to him he told me, ‘We will never play here again.’ I said, ‘I beg your pardon?’ Then he said again, ‘We will never play here again, your fans were very rude, but you deserved the win.’ I was stunned,” said Coberly.

During the match there was a group of six guys, known as the “Rowdy Rooters” who were rooting the Leopards on in a loud and vocal way. The “Rowdy Rooters” attend all of the volleyball teams home games and yell and scream for their team as well as the visiting team, never using any profanity.

“I think that little group of rooters do exhibit the spirit of support,” said Jim Paschal, athletic director. “We would just want to direct it to a more positive way.”

“That’s what home court advantage is all about,” said Coberly. “I want to encourage more people and those guys to come to the games and be positive fans.”

Laura Czingula, Sports Editor
Laura Czingula

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