Added Spot delays prompt refunds

by Andreas Hahn
Staff Writer

After the latest delay in the renovation of the Spot became public, it was decided that the University of La Verne will refund the prepaid cash card amounts to those students who have meal plans.

The decision was made after an emergency meeting called by Dr. Loretta Rahmani, dean of student affairs, on Thursday, March 18.

Residents were officially informed about this Monday through a memorandum distributed in the residence halls.

Students with meal plans can expect to be refunded $25 for the 19-meal plan, $50 for the 14-meal plan and $75 for the 12-meal plan. Checks may be picked up from April 5 through May 28 at Student Accounts in Woody Hall, first floor.

The University will spend $25,200 to refund the 373 students with meal plans.

Problems with one of the subcontractors caused the latest delay in the renovation of the Spot. It is unlikely that the snack bar will re-open before the end of the semester.

“We are just as frustrated with this as the students,” said Dr. Rahmani. “One fiasco after another.”

After Brian Worley, director of facility management, informed her about the latest delay in the renovation, Dr. Rahmani changed her original intention to refund half of the bonus dollars.

Before she called the emergency meeting, Dr. Stephen Morgan, president of ULV, gave his support for the idea to refund the students’ bonus dollars completely.

The final decision was then made by Phil Hawkey, executive vice president; Steve Grey, chief financial officer; Scott Wright, regional manager of Aramark Food Services; Armen Ananian, director of food supplies; Julie Thurman-Francisco, director of housing and residential life; and Dr. Rahmani.

Since many students have not used their cash cards in Davenport Dining Hall, “We decided to refund everybody,” said Dr. Rahmani. Those who have used their bonus dollars will also be refunded the full dollar amount.

“I was happy because I need the money,” said Sarah Boyd, a junior biology major. Boyd said that she did not expect the University to pay her money back. Still, she had hoped that the Spot would open again.

Even if she has no problems with the operation hours at Davenport, “It is nice to eat at 8 o’clock when you want to,” said Boyd.

So far, Ananian has no plans to further extend the dining hours at Davenport. “I haven’t heard any complaints,” said Ananian. Until the end of the semester, the dining hall will remain open until 6:30 p.m. If students have class during the dining hours, Ananian hopes to accommodate them with boxed lunches.

Henry Nuñez, a junior political science major, found the memorandum slipped under his door last Monday. He was not surprised that the Spot will not re-open this semester. “I expected it,” said Nuñez. “Another broken promise.”

Still, he did not expect the school to pay the bonus dollars back. “I was surprised that they are willing to give us money back,” he said about his first reaction after reading the memorandum. He expected the school to keep the money.

Not included in the refund are bonus dollars, which were kept from the fall semester.

Students were told at the end of last semester that they would be able to use their cash cards during January Interterm. This was not possible due to the renovation of the Spot, and leftover money is now wiped out.

“You cannot carry over from one semester to another,” said Ananian, but there is “probably a handful of people who had money left.”

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