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Students offer last minute gift ideas

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Alexandra Lozano
Assistant Editor

With all the iPod, video game and cell phone commercials on TV lately, University of La Verne students have many high-tech options when gift shopping this holiday season.

“IPods are hot this year,” said senior Jeremiah Fishell, who owns iPod stock.

Senior Loren Gomez has some knowledge about ‘what’s in’ right now and perfect for gifts.

“Jewelry would be amazing, preferably long necklaces,” she said.

Gomez has plenty of gift ideas for everyone on her list.

“For guys, my boyfriend wants the XBOX 360 or the PS3,” Gomez said. “And that 50 Cent video game.”

Gomez suggests that anything from the clothing line Active would make a great gift.

“They have nice stuff, but they have chill stuff,” Gomez said.

TV series box sets are also popular gift ideas.

“Sex and the City,” “Nip/Tuck,” “Family Guy” and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” are all on Gomez’ radar.

Although Fishell’s stock has gone up with the recent surge in iPod sales, he doesn’t consider himself an expert holiday shopper.

“I’m the wrong person to ask (about gift ideas),” Fishell said. “I do all my shopping at the last minute.”

For the last minute shopper, it may be hard to find the right gift for someone. A gift card is a good alternative, but choosing a gift card can be just as important as choosing a gift.

“Best Buy would be amazing because you can get TV’s there,” Gomez said.

“A gift card to Best Buy would be awesome,” Fishell agreed. “Can’t turn down Best Buy.”

Fishell also suggests getting friends gifts certificates to various restaurants such as Quiznos.

Gift cards to Sephora, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue would also be welcome gifts to give and receive this holiday season, Gomez said.

Shoes may also be a good gift idea this year.

“I’m really picky about shoes,” Gomez said.

She has a list of the most popular shoes of the season. Cowboy boots, Mary Jane’s, wedged heels and slip on Vans are all sure bets, she said.

Fishell also agrees that shoes would be a good gift, but he looks for comfort over specific styles when picking out shoes as gifts.

“Anything comfortable,” Fishell said. “ Get a pair of flip flops.”

For music, Gomez sticks to classics or popular groups.

“Everyone likes the Killers,” Gomez said. “Bjork’s greatest hits and Heart; everyone likes Heart.”

Fishell prefers movies as a perfect gift.

“Sin City,” “The Big Lebowski” and “Office Space” are some of his top choices, Fishell said.

However, gifts aren’t the most important aspects of the holidays, Fishell said.

“I just like hanging out with my family rather than getting gifts,” Fishell said. “To see my brother and sister that I don’t see in forever.”

Fishell also has one special gift he wants this holiday season.

“A girlfriend would be nice,” Fishell said.

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