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Junior recital features intimate performances

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Victoria Allende
Staff Writer

Michael Fausto and Nicole Pond joined together to serenade family, friends and students in a Junior Recital at the University Chapel in La Verne on April 18.

The ULV junior music majors came together to put on the night’s musical performance after Reed Gratz, ULV professor of music, suggested the idea.

The performance was a success. Approximately 20 people were in attendance as Fausto sang and Pond accompanied him on the guitar.

While Fausto stood, Pond sat at his side, playing her guitar throughout the recital. The duo performed a variety of songs in the very intimate setting of the chapel.

Fausto’s vocal range shone through as he delivered a captivating performance of “Greensleeves.”

Other songs included in the duo’s performance were, “Since I First Saw Your Face,” “Rondo” and “Where E’er You Walk.”

Members of the audience took pictures and recorded the recital.

When the performance ended, the duo received a loud round of applause from happy fans showing their appreciation.

“It was good,” Cathy Zech, a psychology major, said. “He hit a lot of high notes I didn’t think he would be able to. They played well overall.”

Zech was among the many admirers of last Friday night’s performance.

Stewart Stoddard, a friend of Pond’s, came out for the performance and also thought the duo did great.

“It was excellent, outstanding,” Stoddard said. “Both of them were very good together.”

The performance lasted about an hour and both performers were swarmed with family and friends as the final song ended.

Proud friends and family members presented Fausto with bouquets of flowers and gathered to take photographs.

Jesus Ortega was among the supportive friends cheering on Fausto.

“It was really nice,” Ortega said. “He is really good.”

The performers were also pleased with their performance.

“It was good,” Pond said. “Michael was great.”

Pond said she was pleased with how the performance went and was glad to have this opportunity to practice her skills.

However, she felt slightly embarrassed because she forgot the chords during her guitar solo.

But Pond handled herself professionally and played on in good spirits. Overall, they were a success.

Pond, who has been playing guitar since she was young, enjoys sharing her talent.

“I started when I was 11 years old,” Pond said.

She spends her free time giving guitar lessons and performing in her own band.

“I’m not sure if it’s really going to hit it big, but it’s fun,” Pond said.

Fausto was also pleased with the outcome of the performance. He was in high spirits as he socialized with friends and family in the Chapel following the performance.

“I think it went really well,” Fausto said.

“My favorite songs is ‘Mi Mancherai’ because there is meaning behind it for me. Whenever I sing it I think of someone special.”

Fausto plans to attend graduate school after ULV and study voice. He would like to eventually become a voice teacher.

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