Different art styles speak as one in Harris Gallery’s ‘Inside-Out’ exhibit

Sara Montgomery
Staff Writer

The Harris Gallery’s current exhibit “Inside-Out” is a group collection containing vivid colored pieces that not only adorn the walls of the gallery, but hang from the ceiling to create a whole new experience.

“Inside-Out” displays the works of artists Max King Cap, Chet Glaze, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia and Misato Suzuki. Their styles are very different yet come together to create a cohesive collection of vivid pieces.

Segovia uses a method of weaving painted strips of paper together to create a large design that appears to be floating in the center of the gallery.

One side of the work is woven together with painted papers of a variety of yellow, tan, orange and red hues; while on the other side a completely different pattern of black, gray, brown and green colors create a new look.

“The way the strips are all woven together makes it look like it could be made of fabric,” Andrea Naccache, sophomore business administration major, said.

“It looks more like a printed pattern rather than something pieced together.”

In addition to the woven art hanging from the gallery ceiling, Cap’s floor surface piece draws viewer’s attention back to the ground of the gallery.

Cap cut out different shapes and designs to create a piece that resembles his inspiration, cathedral architecture. The larger piece appeared to be made of synthetic grass.

“The use of non-traditional materials was interesting; the piece on the floor was made of synthetic grass, it was really unexpected,” Alonzo Young, junior psychology major, said.

The art that actual hung from the walls of the gallery followed with the theme of the exhibit and were anything but ordinary.

With a variety of canvas shapes, sizes and bright colors the exhibit strayed away from ordinary art.

“I like that all the paintings were all different sizes; from the circle canvases to the painting that was hanging in the center of the room, I was glad it wasn’t the same standard square canvas,” said Mychal Thomas senior business administration major.

Glaze’s use of bright vivid colors and strong brush strokes makes his painting of a car draw viewers in for a closer look.

The bright blue, purple, red and yellow colors accent the lines of the white car to give something ordinary a vibrant new look.

Glaze’s “Ring the Bell From the Bones” is the largest piece in the collection.

The oversized painting of a house is done with the same strong brush strokes and use of dark purple and blue colors.

In contrast with the oversized piece, Glaze’s “I Stole Your Love” is two smaller circular canvases.

“A Marching Band Through Prague” is Suzuki’s painting of locking pigeons.

The red pigeons are painted on the white canvas going from larger birds in the top left corner flowing down to smaller pigeons in the bottom right of the canvas.

The Harris Gallery is open Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Inside-Out” will be on display through April 28.

Sara Montgomery can be reached at sara.montgomery@laverne.edu.

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