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Joy Lei named to diversity position

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Annunciata Williams
Staff Writer

Joy Lei has been named to the new position of chief diversity and inclusivity officer for the University of La Verne, President Devorah Lieberman announced on May 11.

Lei, who begins in July, comes from UC Santa Cruz, where she is currently assistant campus diversity officer. She previously taught courses in American culture and women’s studies.

Prior to UC Santa Cruz, she was on the faculty at Vassar College teaching in the department of education, and the American culture and women’s studies programs.

Lei graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 1991, with a bachelor’s degree in communications.

She continued her studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she earned her master’s in multicultural education, and doctorate in social sciences in education.

“I had the opportunity to meet her during the process” said Daniel Loera, ULV’s multicultural affairs director. “She is well grounded in theory and has a solid foundation.”

The search process for new CDIO took several months and an extensive interview process before the committee chose Lei.

“My first impression is that she’s very knowledgeable” said Martina Quintero-Miraflor, an administrative assistant in student affairs who sat on the search committee.

“She will help by bringing in an outside perspective and fresh ways of looking at things” Loera said.

“Sometimes we don’t have all the answers, but someone with a solid foundation can grapple with them.”

Quintero-Miraflor added that she believes Lei’s experience make her qualified.

“She will be a fabulous representative for our community,” Quintero-Miraflor said.

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