Bar pass rate rises 73 percent

This year the La Verne College of Law students who took the California Bar Exam for the first time had a pass rate of 73 percent, which is expected to be above the state average first time Bar passage rate for 2014.

Nationwide the first-time Bar passage rate declined for the July 2014 bar exam.

California’s first time pass rate for American Bar Associate accredited schools also decreased from 77 percent in July 2012 to 69 percent in July 2014.

La Verne’s rate improved from July 2012 to 2013 and remained consistent from July 2013 to July 2014.

College of Law Dean Gilbert Holmes thanked graduates, faculty and staff for their contribution to the students’ success.

“These bar pass results stem from our collective focus on success,” Holmes said in an email.

Jendayi Saada, assistant dean, Center for Academic and Bar Readiness, said she is confident their Bar Exam Strategic Training program contributed to the students’ success.

“This year we gave students 10 additional practice writing assignments to get feedback on,” Saada said.

“We held several simulated exams, we offered one-on-one training, and professors came in to lecture on topics that student did not test well on.”

Saada also stressed the importance of giving support to the students.

“It is a long, tiring process and students tend to fall off the wagon, we give the students a lot of strong reinforcement,” Saada said.

“Students understand that they can pass the bar if they do the work, so we provide them the chances to do that.”

Students who passed the July exam were sworn in at the College of Law Monday night.

—Katie Madden

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