Pageant fundraises for Arthritis Foundation

Zachary Rodriguez
Staff Writer

Jessica Faber and Rachel Stewart took first place in Alpha Omicron Pi’s first couples pageant Wednesday night in Morgan Auditorium.

Unlike other pageants at the University of La Verne, contestants teamed up and competed in pairs to win the title of Alpha and the Omega.

It was interesting to see not just the traditional man and woman pairing but fraternity brothers, sorority sisters and best friends competing with each other.

“We chose to do a couples pageant so that way we can do something to show partnership and community,” senior art major Allissa Wahl said.

The five couples were sophomore business administration major Faber and junior business administration major Stewart; undeclared freshman Miranda Chavez and junior psychology major Amanda Johnson; sophomore anthropology major Sean O’Cain and sophomore computer science major Gregory Gallegos; and junior psychology major Elias Maldonado and sophomore child development major Aundria Gregg.

The night started out with hosts sophomore business administration major Gabriella Cuevas and senior business administration major Christine Romero introducing each couple, transitioning into the first event, the talent portion.

Each pair had their own way of showing off their talent, from stand-up comedy and line dancing to a rave light show and hip hop dancing.

Pairs demonstrated their teamwork and friendship by just enjoying themselves and being together.

“My favorite talent was the stand-up comedy (by Gregg and Maldonado),” junior Cal Baptist communications major Mercedes Machado said. “Overall, the couples did really good, I really enjoy them in their own way.”

After the talent portion students paid $2 to vote for the couple that they wanted to win.

With a nearly full auditorium, approximately $300 went to the Arthritis Foundation.

After intermission was the formal wear and question-and-answer portions of the pageant.

The question-and-answer portion determined how well the pairs knew each other. To win the round, contestants tried to correctly guess how their partners would answer.

Questions ranged from “What size shoe does your partner wear?” to “What is your partner’s biggest pet peeve?”

Each team had their strengths and weaknesses and shocked the audience by knowing more about their counter part than was anticipated.

O’Cain and Gallegos proved their partnership when O’Cain knew how much Gallegos loves Pokémon.

After the final question, the judges deliberated and awarded the crown to Faber and Stewart. Second place went to Maldonado and Gregg.

However, the couple that knew each other the best was Faber and Stewart.

“It was an awesome opportunity to really show how interfraternal we are as a whole at the University,” Faber said. “Honestly, we had a lot of fun and thank you to the women of Alpha Omicron Pi.”

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