Students weigh in on holidays’ early start

Taylor Moore
Social Media Editor 

It’s October, which means that the holiday season is just around the corner. 

Actually the holidays seem to be approaching a lot sooner than they actually are. 

In a recent informal survey among 17 University of La Verne students who were asked a series of questions regarding the early arrival of the holiday season, most said they did not mind its early arrival in general, though they said there should be some limit to just how early Halloween and Christmas are celebrated – or marketed.

Specifically, 11 out of 17 students surveyed said they did not mind the holiday season’s early arrival, but 14 said Christmas decorations should not be displayed until after Halloween.

It’s getting a little ridiculous to see reindeer lights up at Lowe’s in September,” said Matt De Avila, junior kinesiology major. “(It) shows a lack of living in the moment and just thinking of profits.” 

The so-called spooky season started in late August to early September with the opening of Spirit Halloween and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. 

The winter holidays are also quickly approaching, or so it would seem according to some stores and ads. Some stores began stocking and displaying Christmas inflatables, trees and lights in September. Costco already had decorations up for sale the last week in September.

Online, the Bath and Body Works website is already advertising the beginning of their holiday scents and fragrances. The Halloween and fall merchandise was advertised on their site and Instagram page in mid-July. 

As per the Starbucks Instagram page,  fall drinks, including the pumpkin spice latte, apple crisp macchiato and pumpkin cream cold brew, were all the rage starting Aug. 30. Christmas drinks, including the peppermint mocha, caramel brulée latte and Chestnut Praline are set to begin Nov. 4. 

In the La Verne survey, eight students said it’s fine to start celebrating Halloween in late August-to-early-September to make the most of the holiday, eight said celebration should not begin before October, and one said Halloween should be celebrated only on the actual holiday.

Where I’m from, in Oregon, it feels more acceptable (to celebrate Halloween early) because it actually feels like fall versus here in southern California, it’s so hot,” said Emma Vuu, junior business administration major. “It makes it feel like it is still summertime and not time to bring on the fall festivities.” 

Yahaira Pavon, senior criminology major, said she is a big horror movie fan and loves Halloween’s history. She believes starting Halloween celebrations as soon as possible is the way to go. 

“(October) flies by fairly quickly, especially if you’re a working student like me,” Pavon said. “So I appreciate starting early on decorating or celebrating the spooky season early.”

Soon after the Halloween decorations, festivities, and marketing come out, so do the Christmas ones. Most stores are already gearing up for Christmas.

According to a September announcement from Target, Target’s “Deal Days” are set to begin on Oct. 6 and end on Oct. 8.

A September survey titled “Half of the Holiday Shoppers to Begin by Halloween” by Bankrate, a consumer-finance company that helps people with financial decisions, finds that the majority of 2,415 adults said they start their holiday shopping as soon as possible, some before or on Oct. 31. 

The survey found that 11% start their winter shopping in September, 18% in October and 28% start in November, with only 9% waiting until December. 

According to the ULV survey, nine out of 17 students said they feel Thanksgiving is sometimes skipped over with marketing blitz of Christmas decorations and deals arriving in some stores before October.

“I think we should focus on one holiday at a time,” Vuu said. 

I understand it from a marketing and business point of view, but I personally prefer holidays to have their own time and not be overshadowed by other holidays,” said Sam Melvin, senior kinesiology major.

It is not just the shopping that starts early. 

KOST 103.5 is known for exclusively switching to Christmas music during the “winter” holiday season and started playing Christmas music on Nov. 12 last year, according to the iHeartRadio website. This year, KOST 103.5 will start exclusively playing Christmas music on Nov. 5. 

According to the Disneyland website, the Anaheim theme park will put up its Christmas decorations on Nov. 11.

Seven out of 17 La Verne students said that they cannot wait until the Christmas decorations, parades and firework shows are up and running at Disneyland, and four said they wished that the holiday festivities there had an even longer run. 

As for Christmas music getting early radio play, 11 out of 17 said that it is never too soon to turn on KOST 103.5 to hear their favorite holiday classics. 

Ten out of the 17 students surveyed said Christmas holiday festivities should wait until Dec. 1, while seven said Nov. 1 should be the official start date. 

“I think (the holidays) give people something to look forward to and generally around Thanksgiving and Christmas everyone is nicer to each other,” Vuu said. 

Eleven out of 17 students said that they look forward to the winter holiday season more than any other time of the year. 

“I personally love the holidays,” De Avila said. “Having a nice meal with family, sitting around a tree with cold weather and pajamas… It’s the season promoting convening with people the most out of any (other) time in the United States.” 

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Taylor Moore is a junior broadcast journalism major and LV Life editor for Spring 2023. In her fourth semester on Campus Times, she has previously served as the social media editor and staff writer.


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