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Jacqueline Silva Ochoa, sophomore accounting major, and Aolani Miranda, sophomore political science major, show off a pair of jeans. Silva Ochoa said she likes to buy her jeans from Hollister and American Eagle and loves high-rise jeans. Miranda said she likes to thrift her jeans and likes straight-leg mid-rise jeans. / photo by Abelina J. Nuñez
Jacqueline Silva Ochoa, sophomore accounting major, and Aolani Miranda, sophomore political science major, show off a pair of jeans. Silva Ochoa said she likes to buy her jeans from Hollister and American Eagle and loves high-rise jeans. Miranda said she likes to thrift her jeans and likes straight-leg mid-rise jeans. / photo by Abelina J. Nuñez

Taylor Moore
LV Life Editor

Denim jeans are a fashion piece that seems to never get old. Providing a sense of versatility, jeans can be worn no matter the fashion sense. They can be dressed down for a casual hangout by pairing them with a cute top and a comfortable pair of sneakers, or can be worn in a business meeting with a blazer for a more professional look. 

The style of jeans is an evolving one, but one thing is for sure, people want jeans to fit in a flattering yet comfortable way. This piece of clothing now has an endless array of style possibilities thanks to fashion being recycled, from flare jeans, low rise, high waisted, skinny, mom jeans to 90s boyfriend jeans. No matter the preference, there is a pair of denim jeans for everyone. 

“I’m thankful for the recycling of trends in jean fashion,” Hannah Yerger, University of La Verne alumna, said. “I remember when skinny jeans were going out of style and I thought it was the worst thing, but evolving my fashion with the inevitable change in style over time has been the best thing.” 

Yerger said she prefers jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch because the jeans have a wide variety of options and are inclusive of several sizes and lengths. 

“Jeans are so heavily imprinted in fashion as a staple, but I think that you can dress up or dress down denim and it will always be an outfit,” Yeger said. “They’re also super durable and usually comfortable, so jeans with a cute blouse or a casual tank will always be a go-to. I love a good high-waisted jeans that flare out at the legs with a cute blouse. I have short legs so sometimes ‘short leg’ isn’t short enough, but when that happens, I have a pair of two-inch block heels from Target in five different colors that I wear with my jeans. I think it totally elevates my look.” 

Alyssa Hernandez, junior educational studies major, said she prefers thrifting when shopping for jeans because there are a wide array of options at thrift stores. 

“I find it so hard to find a pair of jeans that fit me correctly, especially different types of styles of jeans and wanting to find some that are good quality but also go with my style,” Hernandez said. 

Hernandez said her favorite style of jeans is boyfriend, specifically a straight tapered cut because it fits her body type. 

“I prefer them to be more fitted at the top and loose around my legs,” Hernandez said. “I really like pairing them with a neutral tank top, some kind of jacket, usually a leather jacket, some sneakers, and a fun purse.” 

Tiffany Lopez, freshman educational studies major, said she prefers her jeans to fit baggy, which is why she wears low-rise dad jeans, which have an extremely wide-leg fit toward the bottom. This is another recycled fashion trend of the 90s. 

Lopez said she buys her jeans from Hollister or goes thrifting. 

“I honestly love that (jean styles) are being recycled,” Lopez said. “When I go thrifting, I find the cutest pair of low rise jeans and they’re so much cuter than some (of the pairs) in actual stores. I think jeans are such a versatile style because they go with anything.” 

Tamara Holstrom, junior psychology major, said she mainly looks for comfort when buying jeans, which she finds in bootcut jeans. She said Boot Barn and Iddyllwind are brands that provide a fit she likes – a bit of stretch, yet still fitting around the waist. 

Holdstrom said she also likes thrifting for jeans because with recycled styles comes nostalgia. 

“When I go (thrifting) with my mom, she likes to comment on the jeans and styles that come back, and she has fun stories about her youth,” Holstrom said. 

Holstrom said she pairs her bootcut jeans with her cowgirl boots and a flowy top. 

Alaa Shilleh, freshman biology major, said her favorite style of jeans is straight leg or flared jeans, a style last seen in early 90s fashion. 

When shopping for jeans, Shilleh said she looks for durability, which she finds in Abercrombie & Fitch. She said their jeans are expensive but fit her body type correctly and provide a little stretch. 

“I like high quality jeans that will last a long time,” Shilleh said. “Another important thing (to me) is that they are flattering to my body type. I try to only buy jeans that are longer to make my legs look longer. I love pairing my jeans with a baby T-shirt and some sneakers. It is such a simple outfit, but it never gets old.” 

Shilleh said she loves how styles of jeans are recycled from old fashion trends that were “in” because it keeps her from sticking to one style. 

“(Jeans) can be worn anywhere, they can be dressed up or dressed down,” Shilleh said. “I believe jeans will never go out of style simply because they are acceptable attire in most settings.” 

Taylor Moore can be reached at taylor.moore@laverne.edu

Taylor Moore is a senior broadcast journalism major and Campus Times editor-in-chief for Spring 2024. In her sixth semester on Campus Times, she has served as the LV Life editor and social media editor twice, as well as a staff writer. She’s also worked on the University’s television news broadcast Foothill Community News as an anchor and reporter, and was a on-air personality for the University’s radio station 107.9 LeoFM.

Abelina J. Nuñez, senior journalism major, is a photography editor for Campus Times and staff photographer for La Verne Magazine. She previously served as LV Life editor, arts editor social media editor and staff writer. In Fall 2023, Nuñez was La Verne Magazine's editor-in-chief and was previously a staff writer as well. Her work can be found on Instagram @abelinajnunezphoto.


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