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The best musicians shine on stage

The best of the best performed a variety of music, showcasing different styles of vocals and various instrumentalists at the annual Best of La Verne performance on Sunday.

La Verne orchestra debuts ‘The Marriage’

The La Verne Symphony Orchestra took an audience of more than 100 people through the ages with musicians of varying skill levels.

L.A. Philharmonic’s philanthropy

Vijay Gupta, violinist and speaker, dedicates a song by Johann Sebastian Bach to the victims of that morning’s terrorist attack in New York, Tuesday in Morgan Auditorium.

Morgan showcases Best of La Verne

The stage was set with a grand piano and three chairs with amplifier cords draped over them, waiting to be plugged in by guitarists.

Politician pushes Republican agenda

The University of La Verne College Republicans hosted Shawn Steel in Morgan Auditorium Wednesday as a speaker of “Conservatism of Today.”

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