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Panel reviews MBA program

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by Angelica Martinez
Features Editor

The University of La Verne’s pre-masters of business administration (MBA) program designated for international students will undergo changes upon approval by the Faculty Assembly.

A task force has been assigned to analyze the weaknesses and look for revisions in the program.

Dr. Julius M. Walecki, director of program development, said it is “definitely not phasing out.”

In fact, he said the goal of the program is to “help international students with business and communication skills.

“Most [students] are used to listen, not quite participate.”

The program is for students not readily qualified or prepared to handle the regular MBA classes.

Program structure includes United States language and culture classes, as well as accounting, business and economics-related courses.

Dr. Walecki said these classes have both international and domestic student participation. However, most domestic students overpass the pre-MBA program and move directly into the MBA program.

For this reason, the program is being researched in order to make it more useful to both types of students.

The task force is currently in effect, and upon completion of its research, faculty and the vice president, Dr. Bill Cook’s approval will need to take place.

In the past, there have been about 70 to 80 students participating, but there have been instances in which more students are in the pre-MBA program rather than the MBA.

The program’s length has not been determined, although Dr. Walecki said, “It could go for about a year. We have to be flexible with international students.”

“There is quite a bit of demand for it,” he said.

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