Departments award deserving students

by Angelica Martinez
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Situated in Founders Auditorium, the Academic Awards ceremony honored selected students from various departments for their academic excellence Tuesday night.

The ceremony, an event held for nearly 15 years, allowed each department to recognize two outstanding students for academic excellence.

Art Stenmo, director of academic advising and retention, organized the ceremony, and later allowed for faculty to make personalized presentations to each student.

“It is an opportunity to have students recognized,” said Stenmo.

Dr. John Gingrich, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences was the master of ceremonies for the night. He welcomed and congratulated the students and parents for their achievements at the University.

Dr. Gingrich befriended the audience with candid jokes about faculty and students.

“This is one of the highlights of the academic year,” he said. “Our reason for being is the students who are here.”

Students then proceeded to the front of the auditorium as their names were called. Many faculty described their students as being “pleasures” who were “outstanding” in the classroom.

Resumés and personal hobbies were also read aloud. The presenters informed viewers of many facets that the honored students had, including overall achievements and goals.

A number of students honored were graduating seniors as well as CAPA students who are to receive their degrees in diverse fields.

However, some underclassmen were also honored on more than one occasion.

Angela Mlinarevic, sophomore German major, was honored twice for academic excellence in foreign language. She also received a certificate for being named part of the Who’s Who Among American College Students.

“It was an honor,” she said.

Mlinarevic said being chosen so early in her college career is “awesome.”

Upon finishing the departmental awards, special awards were given out for General Service, Dean’s Service, Tutor of the Year, and Who’s Who students were announced.

The General Service Award was given to senior Andrew Bills for fulfilling at least five different requirements in the general service award.

The Mike Duffy Award was given to students who demonstrated effective leadership in student government. Senior Dan Lougheed, Associated Student Federation Forum president was awarded the award.

The Dean’s Service Award was then given to Jennifer Pashone for her involvement in multiple activities both on and off campus.

Later, Lynn Stanton-Riggs, director of the Learning Enhancement Center, announced the Tutor of the Year Award to senior Tracey Landisi for her tutoring skills in multiple subjects.

Thirty-three students were announced as part of the Who’s Who Among American College Students.

Who’s Who has been published since 1934, where “national outstanding leaders based on academic leadership,” are selected, said Melissa Jaunal, coordinator of student programs.

President Stephen Morgan, upon concluding the handing out of the Who’s Who awards, said the ceremony was “long but wonderful.”

It was a chance for the faculty and staff to honor “students who distinguished themselves inside and outside La Verne. They are our successes,” said Dr. Morgan.

Kathy Hubatka, 41, CAPA student, received an award for Child Development. She hopes to go into teaching with her degree.

However, she says she was interested “in the accomplishments all the other students had.

“It was exciting,” she said.

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