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Erin Foltz
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne Career Center is hosting a virtual job and internship fair, which started Monday and ends Friday. Open to students, alumni, and employers, this online forum allows participants to log in from the comfort of their own homes to browse job openings and interact with employers online.

“All employers have virtual booths on their own pages with information on company positions open, recruiter info, as well as an online forum for students to post questions and comments and have them answered by potential employers,” said Laura Igram, assistant director of the career services office.

Online job fairs are good places to meet many company representatives from corporations of all industries and sizes on your own schedule.

Some of the businesses involved in this job fair are Wells Fargo, Frito Lay, Target, 24 Hour Fitness, State Farm, and Prudential.

There are also online representatives from non-profit and social service agencies such as the Peace Corps, YouthCompass International, and the Brethren Volunteer Service.

The career center chose to host an online job fair instead of having students meet face to face with potential employers for a variety of reasons.

“Most job fairs are usually only a day long … This is an entire week, all day and night for people to check out the posts when they have time,” Igram said. “Plus, having an online forum is a lot easier, since we have so many regional campuses with 8000 students throughout Southern California, and we want to provide every student enrolled at ULV at the main campus or another campus a chance to participate.”

This is the second year the career center has hosted an online job fair, and due to the.

“The main thing we changed this year … is we added the online forum for more interaction, so instead of exchanging emails they can communicate with each other through the job fair website which should help make things easier.” Igram said.

The feedback from students at ULV about the job fair has been very positive.

“I would definitely use a resource such as this one if I was looking for a job,” said Rose Marie Rosas, an accounting major. “Taking advantage of opportunities such as jobs fairs, online or face to face, help make students more confident about applying and interviewing, and prepare you so that when you do go out to apply for a job you are more likely to get it.” Rosa said.

To check out the online job fair visit or Contact Laura Igram at 909-593-3511 x4418 for more information.

Erin Foltz can be reached at

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