Faculty aids LGBT community

Kevin Garrity
Editor in Chief

The University of La Verne Ad Hoc Action Group has recently conducted a four-part symposium on issues relating to gender and sexuality.

From the meeting, those involved have decided to organize a “safe list” comprised of faculty, staff and administrators who are open allies of the LGBT community.

Phone numbers and whether or not the individual has had Safe Zone Training appear on the new website.

The hope of the “safe list” is to “work toward a safe campus of dignity and respect for all students.” Their new website also sates “we…believe that equal rights are human rights, and we pledge our full support and commitment to work toward providing a safe, confidential support network, and an atmosphere of celebration, dignity, and respect for all students, including all members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, allied, questioning, and queer community at the University of La Verne.”

For more information, visit www.laverne.edu/ear/safelist.

Kevin Garrity can be reached at kevin.garrity@laverne.edu.

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