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Dear Editor,

Last week, Nov. 9, the Peace Studies Department used University resources to publish an announcement of a tent city to symbolize the plight of the Afghan refugees. In the same week, there was an article in the Campus Times about the debate club [“LV Lordsburg debate talks the talk”]. Jason Neidleman, assistant professor of political science, stated that “while in class, a teacher should keep his opinions to himself, so that the students gain a chance to develop their own ideas and opinions.” Because the tent city plans were directed by Debbie Roberts and Steve Kinzie, who are faculty members, it is fairly apparent that they feel differently about their right to espouse their own views to their students.

In their letter to the University community, these faculty members stated that “in acting as judge, jury and executioner, the United States appears to be on a crusade, which does little for the cause of justice.” Is this the University’s position? The fact that it was on University letterhead might cause one to think that.

We object to the use of University resources to fund viewpoints not debated in an open forum.

Candace Bell
Program Administrator, School of Business and Global Studies

Janis Dietz
Associate Professor of Business Administration

Abe Helou
Associate Professor of Business and Economics

Jack McElwee
Professor of Business Administration

Yehia Mortagy
Assistant Professor of Business


Dear Editor,

I would like to express my disappointment in regards to this institution’s policy. As of Tuesday, Nov. 13, I am ashamed to say that I am affiliated with this institution. This school is the most anti-American and unpatriotic school I have ever encountered. This institution dedicates a day to the life of an Afghan refugee and celebrates the holy month of Ramadan, yet refuses to pay tribute to Veteran’s Day, one of the most sacred holidays that our country celebrates. Veteran’s Day was created to give thanks and appreciation to the thousands of men and women who fought with courage and bravery so we may enjoy the freedoms and liberties we have become accustomed to. Veteran’s Day should mean more this year than it has before. I am not saying we should be unsympathetic towards those who have suffered in Afghanistan, but we should never forget those courageous souls who have given their lives to this country and each citizen who calls America home. Like the old saying goes, “Support, Serve, or Leave.” If the protesters don’t enjoy the freedoms that they take for granted on a daily basis, then move to Afghanistan and enjoy the freedoms that they have. This is a praise to every soldier who has risked his or her life to keeping us safe. God Bless America.

Jared Landaker


Dear Editor,

RE: “ASF forces VP of activities to resign” [Nov. 9]. This is absolutely absurd! Not only was this an unfair action against Crystal Apilado, but it was a personal attack. ASF, which is supposed to be the Associated Student “Federation,” not “Forum,” is suppossed to be a group of undergraduate students who collaborate on ideas and make decisions together.

As the former Vice President of Activities (2000), and ASF President (2001), I understand the rules and regulations of the Constitution and the organization itself. As a given, there were many incidents that happened “behind the scenes” without the Forum members and the Campus Times reporter.

While in office, Apilado was one of my commissioners on my Activities Board, and as a commissioner, Apilado was the hardest working ASF member we had on board. Apilado was always the first to volunteer her time to help on any event. During my time as president, Apilado played the role of my assistant, where she performed her duties to the fullest.

In the present time, I understand that Apilado and the current president, Mario Guerrero, do indeed butt heads at times, which makes me jump to the conclusion that the decision was made solely by Guerrero, and as the “power holder” of ASF, he probably made it a point to other E-Board members that Apilado “must go.”

If the president, Guerrero or any other, were to follow his/her duties he/she would work with Apilado to better perform her position.

Shame on ASF. Start spending money wisely.

Frank Tolentino

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