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Student launches website for bow business

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Kellie Galentine
LV Life Editor

For Jezabel Chavez, bows are not just an accessory – they are business. Chavez began her business, Jezabow, her senior year at Romona Convent Secondary School.

In May the business underwent a relaunch with a new website, broadening the audience for the business.

“In high school I made a good amount of money because it was all girls and everyone liked them,” Chavez, junior business major, said.

Now, Jezabow ships more than 50 handmade bows a month and is run by Chavez, her boyfriend and her younger sister.

Chavez’s business started as a happy accident as she made her first bow for a spirit event at her school. Her younger sister wore the bow, which got a lot of attention from her peers. And thus, Jezabow was born.

“I was there with her when she made her first bow, so I was able to really see and grasp how that first bow made out of an old t-shirt could lead to now where people are buying a bunch of bows,” Emma Frias, her 14-year-old sister, said.

The new website launched in May features a blog, photo gallery, frequently asked questions and an online ordering system.

Chavez’s boyfriend, Joshua Rizo, designed the website and took and edited all of the photos. Frias is the model for the bows.

“Ever since we relaunched with the website, the growth has been really impressive,” Rizo, a 20-year-old Art Institute student, said.

“My goal in helping is for her to quit her normal job and have Jezabow be her full time job,” he said.

Not only does Chavez balance her own business and school, she also works at the front office of a private mailbox center.

This means on days that there are a lot of bow orders she usually has school, work, homework and a bunch of bows to hand make.

“I’ve always been really crafty. Sometimes it gets overwhelming,” Chavez said.

The family aspect of the business is what all three of them enjoy.

“My biggest motivation is the unity between the three of us,” Rizo said. “It is a really big team effort and seeing their enthusiasm rubs off on me and I’m sure it is visa versa.”

In the future, the Jezabow team hopes to grow. But for now, it is thinking of new ways to expand business.

Currently, they are working on a fall collection of bows. Bulk orders and marketing to teams or specific high schools are two ways they are hoping to sell more bows.

“I think it will grow, I think Jezabow has the features that people really like and it can definitely get bigger in the future,” Frias said.

As a business student, Chavez said that having her own business is beneficial. However, she hopes to attend law school in the future.

For now, Chavez will continue to serve the community through her website,

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