Dodgeball tournament provides a study break

Kayla Hockman
Staff Writer

Six student teams competed in the Campus Activities Board’s Intramural Dodgeball Tournament Monday and Tuesday night in the Athletic Pavilion while wearing matching athletic clothing, dipping, dodging, ducking and catching dodgeballs.

The Realist took the crown in the championship match against Kernville Bond, after competing for two days in the tournament.

The dodgeball tournament was hosted by sophomore business administration major and Campus Activities Board Intramural Chairman Adam Plax.

“Dodgeball has been the most popular intramural event that I have seen in the past,” Plax said. “Being able to throw events and see all my friends and their friends having a great time while being physically active and working out is awesome.”

More than 80 students attended, with another 70 of them participating in the tournament.

The tournament featured six games in a best-of-three format. Teams that continued to finals included Kernville Bond, PDT Elite, PDT Supreme and The Realist.

The night started with a competition between Phi Delta Theta Fraternity team PDT Elite versus Team A.

PDT Elite dominated, winning two out of three games, sending them to the semi-finals.

“I competed to help my (fraternity) brothers out in our favorite intramural sport,” senior political science major and PDT Elite team member Nick Vasquez said. “It felt great to win.”

The second game spotlighted another Phi Delta Theta Fraternity team, PDT Supreme, against The Realist.
In the end, The Realist came on top winning two out of three games.

Kernville Bond and Safari Squad competed in round three. After an intense match up, Safari Squad attained victory.

The dodgeball tournament continued with Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity team versus The Realist, PDT Elite versus Safari Squad and PDT Supreme against Kernville Bond.

“I always enjoy attending intramural tournaments,” senior athletic training major Lindsay Gonzalez said. “They’re always really competitive but allow students to take a break from all that studying.”

The tournament consisted of a few rules to keep students from being injured and only allowed excellent sportsmanship, such as no headshots, crossing the halfway court line or standing out of bounds.

Being hit by an opponent’s dodgeball and catching an opponent’s ball constitutes ejection from the game.

Catching an opponent’s ball also allowed another team member to re-enter the game.

Fighting would lead to disqualification, but Plax did not have to put this rule into effect Monday night, as no team violated the rules.

“It went well and was very competitive, but sportsmanship was also great too,” Plax said.

Each team also needed at least one female student in order to compete in the tournament to keep games fair.

“It was a really great time,” said senior business administration major Danielle Garcia. “I’m going to have to come out (on Tuesday) to see who wins.”

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