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First ‘Stranger Things’ art show succeeds

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Emily Lau
Editor in Chief

Fans of the Netflix-original show “Stranger Things” admired and purchased fan-made artwork from the series at fan*alley’s “Stranger Things” Tribute Gallery Saturday at the Artist Lodge in Anaheim.

Fan*ally is a mobile shop that specializes in hosting pop-up galleries around Los Angeles and Orange County.

“Stranger Things” is a supernatural television series created by Matt and Ross Duffer that was released on Netflix in July. The show follows a group of kids who meet Eleven, a young telekinetic, as they try to find their friend who mysteriously disappeared one night.

“I love ‘Stranger Things’ and know nothing about artists, but I picked this as the theme because no one else is doing it yet,” said Eva Sowinski, owner of fan*alley and event coordinator.

More than 25 artists situated themselves at white tables that lined the room of the gallery. The artwork was hung on wooden walls in the center of the room as visitors took their time to observe each of the artwork on display.

The gallery featured more than 50 multimedia pieces including digital and traditional art, clay figurines and a hand-stitched doll.

All of the art stuck to the gallery’s theme of “Stranger Things” by incorporating characters and important motifs from the show.

Each original piece was up for sale with some prints available for a lower price.

Artist Courtney Helms from Mission Viejo heard about the event from a friend who encouraged her to send in her portfolio for consideration. She painted an acrylic canvas of one of the main characters, Eleven, titled “Unamused,” which was displayed and sold in the gallery.

“This is my first gallery, so it’s really insane to be watching my piece and seeing people walk up to it to take pictures of it and liking it,” Helms said.

Artist Nika Banzuela from Long Beach also contributed her digital painting “Eleven & Friends” to the gallery as a fan of the show. Banzuela said she and her husband binge-watched the entire show in just one day.

“Knowing that other people did the same thing, and for these people to take the time to sit down and draw something really shows how good this show is and how creative people are,” Banzuela said. “It’s humbling to see people take pictures of your work.”

The night continued with an artist autograph session and a raffle.

Sowinski said this was the biggest event she has ever planned and was not expecting so many people to attend.

“This is quadruple what we normally have, and we needed that because I closed my store and everyone thought I closed forever,” Sowinski said. “I had to close it due to people not spending enough money in my store.”

Fan*alley hosts an art show every third Saturday of the month.

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