P.E. purchases exercise equipment

Finding shelter in the Student Center from the heat on the track, freshman cross-country team member LynMarie Merrill cross-trains on one of three new Lifestyle walking machines purchased by the Athletic Department. / photo by Rosie Sinapi
Finding shelter in the Student Center from the heat on the track, freshman cross-country team member LynMarie Merrill cross-trains on one of three new Lifestyle walking machines purchased by the Athletic Department. / photo by Rosie Sinapi

by Pattie Moreno
Staff Writer

A purchase of top-of-the-line fitness equipment was made this summer by the Athletic Department to support a general education class that has been added to the curriculum this year.

The equipment is also designed to increase the awareness of the student body about the importance of physical fitness.

The class, Fitness for Life (PE 201), is taught by Julie Kline, assistant professor of physical education, and Dr. Owen Wright, professor of physical education. It is designed as an introduction to the basic physiological principles and benefits of exercise. The course is designed to establish guidelines for life-long personal fitness.

“This is a great opportunity for students to be educated on the benefits of health and participate in physical fitness and wellness,” Kline said.

The class requires a lecture and a lab which mandates the use of the new equipment in the Student Center mat area, across from the Athletic Depart­ment offices.

“Don [Morel, assistant professor of physical education] did a great job in the research involved in purchasing the right equipment and negotiating the best deal,” said Rex Huigens, chair of the Physical Education Department.

The new equipment was primarily purchased to run the Fitness for Life class, but is available to any student, faculty or staff member.

Huigens said, “It would be great if everyone on campus would use the equipment.”

He said anyone interested in using the equipment as part of their personal fitness regimen would get a great workout. Safety and space was a concern when the department purchased it.

The fitness equipment is locked behind iron rod gates to secure them from theft and to also maintain the proper ventilation. The gates will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., unless there is a class in session. The Athletic Department staff is willing to give instructions on operating the equipment if anyone may have any questions. Also, a student or staff ID may be requested to use the machines.

“Working with Brian Worley [director of facilities management], the suggestions that best worked were in the Student Center with iron rod gates,” Huigens said.

The money to pay for the equipment came from a surplus of funds from the University’s operating budget from the last academic year. Therefore, Dr. Wright and Dr. John Gingrich, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, proposed to the University Council that a wise use of a portion of the funds would be the purchase of the equipment.

“I hope this class and the use of this equipment makes more people aware of the advantages of taking care of themselves from a physical and wellness standpoint,” Kline said.

The equipment cost approximately $25,000.

“We must educate people on the need to exercise,” Huigens said.

Morel worked with Scott O’Connel from Body Concepts to purchase the equipment.

“This is state-of-the-art equipment. It is the highest quality, commercial grade, fitness, cardiovascular equipment in Southern California,” Morel said.

Morel received six different bids from several companies and Body Concepts was the least expensive with the highest-quality equipment. All the equipment is tailored to run a fitness level on an individual basis. Each machine is also equipped to give fitness tests according to individual need.

Kline said, “I hope that people share these concepts with their family and friends.”

Pattie Moreno
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Rosie Sinapi, Editor in Chief
Rosie Sinapi
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