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Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges has released a list of La Verne students who will be highlighted in their current book. Those students are Pierre Archambeau, Rachell Auld, Ronald Baez, Deborah Baeza, Stephanie Beck, Rosalind Braden, Linda Chang, Jeff Eckler, Stacia Finley, Mary Ann Hamilton, Maricela Huizar, Joel Gingrich, Jesus Luna, Penny Ann Malally, Rose Mangahis, Jacob McDonald, Kristi Moran, Eric C. Mulholland, Randa E. Pfeiffer, Monica Purnell, Shane Rodrigues, Jason Sigala, Paul Aaron Thomas, Kurt Van Fossen, Kathleen Wellbrock, Craig Young, Katherine M. Njoten, Paige Papineau and Eric C. Paulsen.

Archaeology in Israel

Thrill seekers are being sought for the summer of 1996. Persons interested in participating in an archaeological expedition to the ancient Roman site of Sepphoris in northern Israel should contact Dr. Jonathan Reed at ext. 4366. Participants can earn four units.

—Rosie Sinapi and Heather Morales

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Being a morning person or night owl may be hard wired

A recent informal survey found that 12 out of 20 students at the University of La Verne prefer morning classes to night classes.

ULV professor discovers non-invasive dating method

Felicia Beardsley, professor of anthropology, discussed whether there are alternate ways to properly date the prehistoric site of Nan Madol in Pohnpei, Micronesia, without destroying its natural foundation during a faculty lecture in the Quay Davis Executive Board Room on Tuesday.

Hybrid classes to increase

The Board of Trustees approved the allocation of a portion of University of La Verne’s year-end reserves for the development of online-hybrid courses.

Class prepares students for a changing world

The University of La Verne’s new honors course “Leadership in a Changing World,” co-taught by President Devorah Lieberman, is designed to encourage students to be better citizens.