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The University of La Verne’s Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum met in the West Dining Room on Wednesdays Feb. 9 at 9:06 a.m., and Feb. 16 at 9:10 a.m. The Forum devoted the meetings to the discharge of business and largely therein to the election of the president and secretarial positions.


After questioning candidates Frank Tolentino, vice-president of activities, and Eddie Casarez, vice-president of advocacy, members of the forum voted to fill the vacancy of the Presidency. After a tallying of the secret ballots, Tolentino took the majority landing him as the new ASF president.

The Forum stated that for the positions of secretary and vice-president of activities, applications will be extended to the student body followed by a closed election.

Resolutions Passed

After a request presented to the Forum by Phi Delta Theta vice-president Manuel Escalante Jr., members voted to allot ASF funds to Escalante’s organization for its spring formal. The Forum allocated a total of $650 from the club, activities, and advocacy budgets to help sponsor the event.

The Forum voted to allocate $350 from both the advocacy and activity budgets to help sponsor the Iota Delta Sorority’s spring formal.

International Student Services Director Phil Hofer submitted a written request to the Forum for the expenditure of $5,000 to have Nobel Peace Prize recipient Rigoberta Menchutum speak at the University. The Forum allocated the funds from the advocacy budget for the speaker.

ASF additionally carried the motion to allot $500 from the advocacy budget for the Multi-cultural Fair on April 26-27.

Winter Photos

All professional photographs taken at the Winter Extravaganza are available to claim now at the ASF office.

— Danny Craig

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