Red Roof Inn improves current housing situation

by Danny Craig
Features Editor

Housing administrators and residents of the Red Roof Inn said the transition to move to the hotel has been a well greeted change.

“It has been going fabulous,” said Julie Thurman Francisco, director of Housing and Residential Life. “The move from Claremont to the Red Roof was very smooth,” she said.

Thurman Francisco said the students have appreciated the Red Roof’s central location and the many amenities that were not available at the Claremont Inn.

Freshman Jason Purvis said that living at the Red Roof allows him to be within walking distance of his workplace at Hollywood Video in San Dimas.

Although content with the size of his room, Purvis shared the sentiment of many residents when he said he was displeased with the closets. “That’s not a closet, it’s a hanging bar,” said Purvis.

“I like having my own private space,” said resident Ron Fauntleroy of his new living environment. He explained that as a biology major he prefers the Red Roof Inn for his studies over what he feels would be a distracting main campus.

Sarah Strahal, housing services coordinator, is one of the five housing staff members who reside at the Red Roof Inn.

“It’s a little farther away from the main campus, and I think that’s a positive thing,” said Strahal. She said that many students enjoy the sense of separation from the main campus.

Thurman Francisco and Strahal said that the four resident assistants living at the Red Roof Inn have been pleased with their new surroundings and responsibilities.

“They’re required to do things a little differently,” said Thurman Francisco of her staff.

Senior Teriy Castro is serving at the Red Roof Inn as one of the resident assistants. Castro said she likes the closeness of the rooms at the new location.

With questions arising as to what the Office of Housing intends to do for the 2000-01 school year, Thurman Francisco said “it is probable” that Housing will renew the contract with the Red Roof Inn.

“We’ve actually heard from students in December that they would stay there again next year … I’m not too worried about filling spaces,” said Thurman Francisco.

The Housing director said that the department intends to place students at the Red Roof Inn until December of 2000 when they expect to have completed a new housing structure in the Oaks residence halls.

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