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Police detain man in alleged peeping case

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by Kenneth Todd Ruiz
Editor in Chief

La Verne police took into custody a suspected peeping tom early Wednesday morning after Stu-Han residents reported seeing someone suspicious looking into their windows just after midnight.

John Krouse, a 19-year-old La Verne resident, was still in custody as of Thursday morning after being charged with prowling and reckless driving.

It was just after 12:30 a.m. when Henry Negrette, University of La Verne campus safety agent, got the call that someone was outside the dorm.

Negrette immediately headed to the location in one of his department’s electric carts.

“I didn’t see anything until I looked down the street and saw this guy running,” he said.

The suspect got into a car, and Negrette yelled for him to stop.

According to La Verne Police Sgt. Nick Paz, Krouse then backed into the front of Negrette’s cart before speeding away from the scene.

Before he left, Negrette shined his flashlight in his face to get a look at him and was able to record his license plate number.

“You’re not thinking about it, it all happened in 30 seconds,” Negrette said.

Negrette quickly relayed the information to the LVPD, who soon apprehended Krouse behind the wheel.

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