‘Halloween Live’ tradition comes to an end

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On Halloween students, faculty, trick-or-treaters and community members rushed to the Arts and Communications building on the University of La Verne campus to have their last chance at stardom on “Halloween Live.”

At 7 p.m. Wednesday, La Verne Community Television (LVTV-3) presented its eighth and final “Halloween Live” show, hosted by Roxy Darr and Yesel “Yak” Manrique.

The show was created by Donald Pollock, professor of communications, in 1999 to provide community members with something other to do on Halloween besides the traditional trick or treating.

“It’s a live show where people from the community can trick or treat at the studio and get their 10 minutes of fame,” said Christine Moitoso, senior broadcast major and “Halloween Live” producer.

“Halloween Live” is an interactive show that invites community members to call in or stop by the studio to be on live television.

Guests usually make videos, recite Halloween jokes, perform skits, tell scary stories or just stop by for a few treats.

“You never know what’s going to happen on ‘Halloween Live,’” said Shane Rodrigues, broadcast operations manager and “Halloween Live” director, said.

Rodrigues took over directing the show two years ago and feels that it has grown so much over the years that it has reached its peak.

“We have raised the bar every year and want to go out at the top,” Rodrigues said.

Last year, “Halloween Live” received the Washington Award for Vocational Excellence, which recognizes and rewards students who excel in career and technical education.

“One of my goals was to have this become a WAVE award winner,” Rodrigues said.

Now that this has been accomplished, Rodrigues and the University feel that it is time to work toward new goals.

Although everyone is a little sad to see this tradition end, it is time to move on to bigger and better things.

“I have a lot of faith in what is going to happen,” Moitoso said.

Guests for the last show ranged from small children in the community to students on campus.

One special guest was “Billy Bob,” an old man with a very crude sense of humor, played by Pollock.

Nataly Escobar, a sophomore international business major, was a guest on the show and enjoyed her time.

“It was fun. I wish I could do it next year but I can’t,” Escobar said. “It’s sad they are canceling the show.”

“Halloween Live” was full of fun activities. Guests had the opportunity to go on live television to tell jokes, a scary story, or send out shout-outs to friends.

There were several videos played throughout the night, jokes, special guests and even a few Top 10 countdowns for “Houses That You Shouldn’t Go To When Trick-or-Treating” and “Things That Sound Dirty But Aren’t.”

At the end of the show, Darr, who dressed as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz,” sang “Some­where Over the Rainbow.”

Moitoso said she was proud of the way the show ended its run at ULV.

“I think it went well. We pushed some limits, we went out with a bang,” Moitoso said.

The show did in fact go out with a bang.

A good ending to the show was having all the staff and crew who worked on the show dance to the “Monster Mash.”

Manrique enjoyed his time hosting the show.

“It was fun. I was kind of sad because I knew it was the last show,” Manrique said.

Manrique stepped in to host due to the fact that there was no one scheduled to do so.

“I didn’t want the show to die. It’s kind of a tradition from my years here at ULV,” Manrique said.

Although the show had to end this year, it was very successful. The staff did a great job.

Manrique appreciated everyone’s hard work leading up to Wednesday night and during the production.

“Thank you to everyone who helped and organize this,” Manrique said. “I just improved all night, but everyone worked hard for a couple weeks.”

Who knows what is in store for LVTV-3 in the future.

Madison Steff can be reached at msteff@ulv.edu.
Diana Zarate can be reached at dzarate@ulv.edu.

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