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Trustee grants $4 million

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by Oscar de León
Staff Writer

With a $4 million gift, the largest in University of La Verne history, Trustee Michael Abraham has brought the Campus Center Project a step closer to becoming a reality.

The Campus Center Project includes the development of a building, which will be the new campus center.

As part of the project, the current student center will be remodeled and will only host sports. As a third piece of the puzzle, a landscape plaza will be developed in front of the Supertents.

Abraham and his wife, Sarah, have shown interest in the past in the development of this project, said ULV President Stephen Morgan. They decided to show their support by giving a $4 million donation.

“I want to express appreciation for their extraordinary leadership,” Morgan said. “These types of gifts are the ideal models of success that inspires others.”

The project will take $16 million. Abraham has challenged the rest of the trustee members to match his donation.

“The other trustees are responding generously,” Morgan said.

Trustee Ben Harris and his wife, Barbara, have also shown their support to the project by giving a $1 million donation.

Harris has been the trustee chairman for the past 25 years, and Abraham has been in the trustee committee since 1999, said Vice President of University Relations Jean Bjerke.

The new student center will be located between C and Second streets. “It will be a three-story building,” Morgan said.

The ground floor will have a recreation center, café, mailroom and the office of student affairs. The second floor will host the Career Development Center, Graduate Student Services, clubs and organizations, the Learning Enhancement Center and the Associated Student Federation Forum. The third floor will have new classrooms and a lounge.

“There is still more planning to do,” Bjerke said. “It will be at least a year before we start the project.”

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