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Valerie Rojas
Editorial Director

In lieu of a general election, the Associated Student Federation Forum will allow University of La Verne students to vote in a referendum regarding the Forum’s new advocacy over activities stance via e-mail.

Students will have until May 18 to place their vote by replying to the e-mail that was sent to all ULV e-mail accounts Wednesday.

The e-mail asked students to vote on whether or not ASF should continue focusing on advocacy, giving all activity responsibilities to the Campus Activities Board, a process that began earlier this year.

“We want a yay or nay on if we should continue this process next year,” ASF President Dana McJunkin said.

Voters will be asked to approve a list of students that would be in charge of the transition.

The approved transition team will be a part of ASF in the fall semester and a proposed general election will be held and interim positions filled sometime in late April/early May, according to ASF’s timeline.

“The interim positions will truly show that we are in a transitional phase,” McJunkin said.

McJunkin said that ASF plans to spend the next year restructuring and refocusing their constitution and that a general election was not held this semester because of the ongoing transition.

“We want to change the constitution before we have an election,” McJunkin said.

“We don’t want new people to get thrown into this transition and have to start from scratch,” she added.

Students will be able to view drafts of the constitution and provide input on the reworking process during open forums that will be held throughout the year.

ASF realizes that there was indeed a lack of publicity for the e-mail, but hopes that through word of mouth, many students will be made aware of the electronic referendum.

“It’s hard to get fliers and all that stuff out. Every student should have a ULV address so technically, everyone should have access to the vote,” McJunkin said.

McJunkin attributes the lack of publicity on the Student Center’s move to Leo Hall.

“They moved everything out from under us. It’s hard to do everything that we would want to do with all of these changes happening right away,” McJunkin said.

“Our timetables weren’t exactly working for us, they were working against us,” McJunkin said. “This is the best we can do at this time.”

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