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Guitarists bring flamenco flavor

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Julissa Cardenas
Staff Writer

Guitars played and crowds applauded as the chamber music guitar ensemble played in concert in Founders Auditorium Monday at the University of La Verne.

A range of music was played from classical to flamenco.

Michael Ryan, the director of the ensemble, teaches Music 118, the chamber music class that performed in the concert.

“Chamber music originated as the chamber for the king. It is a small group of musicians that play for the king, and that is where the name comes from,” Ryan said.

“I’m trying to change music a little bit. I try to experiment with different instruments to get a different sound,” Donald Anthony, one of the musicians said.

Anthony is excited about his music and he was not afraid to try new things on stage. All artists played the guitar, and Anthony played the flute as well.

Nicole Pond, another musician on stage, has been interested in music and playing instruments for 10 years.

“I’ve been learning the piano because as a musician you really have to know how to play it,” Pond said.

Pond also plays the electric guitar in a band called The Vinyls.

“Playing in a rock band is more exciting than the chamber music, but I enjoy both,” she said. “Although they are both very different, both have qualities that distinguish them apart,” Pond said.

“I’m taking a music class and I’m also here to support Michael, the director,” Suzanne Tinsley, a student in Music 118 said.

Katrina Hathaway, a freshman movement and sports science major, enjoys guitar music but also enjoyed hearing music she does not normally listen to.

“Although I don’t know much about this music, I like it. I don’t usually listen to this but my friends encouraged me to try something new so I did and I have to say the music is really soothing. I enjoyed it,” Hathaway said.

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