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Class covers 1960s politics, history

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Julissa Cardenas
Staff Writer

This spring students had the opportunity to relive a little recent history as the sociology-anthropology department offered a new class – The 1960s.

The class was taught by adjunct professor Dan Keenan, who as a Vietnam War Veteran, longtime anti-war protester, and ULV alumnus, brought unique insight to the topic.

Kennan joined an anti-war program during the 1960s after he came back from Vietnam.

“I approached (Department Chairwoman) Sharon Davis and asked if there was a possibility I could teach a 1960s class, later she approached me and asked if I was willing to teach it for the spring semester and that’s how it started,” Kennan said.

“Although it is only an elective course and not required for any major, we feel that it is an important one since it covers a defining time period in the history of our country,” Davis said. “That decade continues to impact future generations.”

The class consists of learning about the 1960s, the struggles and the formation of many things still going on today.

“I personally feel it’s the most important era because many civil and human rights came to be, and good social programs emerged from that time,” Kennan said.

Nancy Padilla, a junior criminology major, is considering taking the class.

“It sounds really interesting because of the social turmoil going on at the time. It was a time of oppression, but it was also a time of freedom for many of those oppressed,” Padilla said.

Kennan is excited about the class and hopes to see many students enroll in the future.

“I would like to tell future students that I really do feel it was not only an important decade, but a map for us as a society, a map we utilize to lead our lives,” Kennan said.

The class will be offered next during spring semester, 2010.

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