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Movie Review: Disney let’s its hair down with ‘Tangled’

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Carly Hill
Arts Editor

When I became a teenager, I took my mind off of princess movies. Once I could finally see PG-13 movies, Cinderella and Snow White were child’s play for me, and when I could see R-rated movies, it was all downhill from there.

But there is one movie that can make teenagers rush to the movies quicker than a brand new Harry Potter picture: “Tangled.”

The new film from the Disney corporation is a hit that last weekend surpassed “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1” in ticket sales. The movie is a new take on the famous classic Rapunzel. The character of Rapunzel is voiced by Mandy Moore. She does an excellent job at capturing the immaturity and strength that Rapunzel possesses, and the fact that she is a singer does not hurt during the musical selections.

As in any Disney princess movie, a love interest emerges, Flynn Rider, voiced by Zachary Levi. The character development of Rider is exceptional, showing him evolve from a selfish thief into a pretty decent man.

What really kept my interest were the animals in the film. Rapunzel’s sidekick is a chameleon known as Pasqual. He is a hilarious character, despite the fact that he does not say a word in the movie. His body language and funny faces add a cute touch. Another animal that plays a main part in “Tangled” is a horse named Maximus. Not only does he get in a ton of fights with Rider in the film, but he also pushes the plot forward and playing a main part in the climax of the film.

Some of the most interesting points of the movie revolve around Rapunzel’s hair, which is actually magic and heals people when she sings. The animation on this movie is flawless and something I haven’t seen before. Instead of using more lifelike characters, directors opted for something more cartoon, including characters with big eyes and rounded faces.

I commend Disney for what they are doing to change the face of the Disney princess. Although they have not strayed from the happy endings, love interests and white horses, they have given the princess more power. Rapunzel is not a helpless girl crying in a tower. She is a good role model for youth; fighting crime and making friends at the same time.

Leaving the theater, I not only had a warm feeling inside of me but I also felt satisfied with a movie for the first time this school year. And I am not alone: the website Rotten Tomatoes gave “Tangled” an 87 percent rating and the movie has grossed more than $21.5 million.

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