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ULV places high at RA conference

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Carly Hill
Arts Editor

La Verne’s Resident Assistants attended the Southern Resi­dential Activities Programming Conference last month at UC Riverside.

At the conference the students presented philanthropy projects that they have been working on since the start of the school year.

ULV’s RA’s donated goods to Operation Safe House, a home that houses teenagers and young children, ages 12 to 17, and helps facilitate education and a safe environment.

The La Verne group donated shaving cream, razors and other toiletries to the home.

Besides the philantrophy, the RA’s created a video to represent their school spirit that went along with the conference’s Harry Potter theme.

This year the SRAP conference was called the School of Programming and Wizardy.

Six students from La Verne – Kevin Greene, Lauren Wingate, Fatima Suarez, Lili Gradilla, Michael Phillips and Virginia Flores-Villalobos – represented the university by presenting programs, such as “Sex and Candy,” which is a program about sexual assault and date rape among men and women.

Gradilla and Suarez’s program placed in the top ten programs for this years conference.

In 2009, ULV won the “Spirit Stick” which is the highest honor at the conference. It is a culmination of programs presented and kind acts performed at the conference. The award honors the group’s philanthropy and its sprit.

This year the La Verne RA’s handed the spirit stick off to Cal State San Bernadino.

The ULV group hopes to reclaim it next year.

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