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Commentary: Unexpected overreaction to celebrities

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Carly Hill, Arts Editor

I am not one to get star struck. One of the first things you learn as a reporter is that everyone is equal, some people have different expertise.

I have learned to treat everyone as a normal, average person on the street. Some people just have more bodyguards that you have to cross to get to them.

Which has helped in a lot of situations, whether it was interviewing ULV President Steve Morgan or the band Deer Hunter.

I have stood next to Slash and Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins and not broken a sweat.

Which brings me to last Friday.

At the Video Music Awards kick-off party at the Music Box in Los Angeles, I was feeling pretty bored.

I was covering the event for a music magazine and was not really feeling the music that was being played.

That was until I looked up at the DJ table.

Two members of one of my favorite bands, Gabe and Ryland of Cobra Starship, had just walked in like they owned the place.

I have seen them perform four times, which is pretty much every single time they have come to Southern California.

Each performance has almost put me to tears, but no water would come out because I was too sweaty from shaking my booty to the amazing rhythm of the music.

I was in shock. First of all, they weren’t on the line-up of groups that would be in attendance.

Second, they are really cute. Which is why I started staring.

I was on the other side of the Music Box, standing in awe of the beauty that beheld by eyes.

They were about to DJ a set for the crowd, which ended up being really cool, especially their rendition of the song “High Voltage” by Electric Six.

And I thought, maybe, just maybe, I could go and talk to them without crying or stumbling over my name. So I moved over to the other side of the venue, close to where they were. And I stared.

At one point, both of them came out of the DJ booth and were down talking to friends and fans. But I could not work up the courage to talk to them. In actuality, I began to have an anxiety attack.

My heart was beating, I was getting sweaty and the room seemed to close in.

Plus, I must have looked like a creep staring at them from such close proximity.

It was then that I quickly moved myself outside, took a deep breath and left the venue before I freaked out or got mauled by security guards for scaring the band.

I don’t know what it was and driving home I was really embarrassed, but I was completely star struck.

I just hope next time I can get a little closer, because I am sure Gabe would fall in love with me.

Carly Hill, a junior journalism major, is arts editor of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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