Students open Dailey doors for readings

by Heather Morales
Editorial Assistant

This fall, the Theatre Department will present a series of Open Houses that will be produced by students in the theatre. The Open Houses will be at 7:30 on Tuesday evenings in the Cabaret.

Junior Stacey Williams produced the first one this week, with a reading of the play “Six Degrees of Separation,” by John Guare, about a man who pretended he was the son of actor Sydney Portier.

“I like it a lot, and as David [Flaten] has taught us, your work should start with your passions or love,” said Williams on why she choose this particular play to read.

Jane Dibbell, associate professor of theatre arts; Dr. Flaten, professor of theatre arts; Mark Pietrzak, theatre technical director; Scot McElvany, 1995 graduate; and junior Cory Cofer all read parts in the play.

Refreshments were served and a discussion of the play took place following the reading.

The Open House will continue next week with a musical variety show produced by senior Skip Sams.

Sophomore Nichole Mhoon plans to produce a poetry reading in a few weeks.

“It’s an open area for anyone who is into the arts, whether it be dance, theater, art or music, to share it with a group,” said Mhoon.

Dr. Flaten said there will not be one every week, but they are trying to do as many as possible.

Students are welcome to come but are warned they might be asked to participate.

“In the future I hope other people will take the initiative and participate,” said Williams.

Heather Morales, Arts & Entertainment Editor
Heather Morales
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