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Spring break allows for fun time, relaxation

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by Amanda Egan
Staff Writer

The sun is hot; midterms are here, which means spring break cannot be far away. Classes will be out and beaches all over will soon be the destination of most college students.

Anxious college students all over the United States get hyped up at the beginning of the semester just planning exciting trips that await them.

Most colleges all over the United States provide organized trips for college students to meet up with their peers and party at the middle of spring semester.

The University of La Verne has brought an organized trip to the student body.

This year’s exotic spring break destination for ULV students and hundreds of other colleges in San Felipe, Mexico. This $330 trip includes four nights at a beachfront hotel and a bus trip to this impressive location.

Students at ULV are anxious to meet people from other schools.

“I’m looking forward to having a fun time and not having to deal with schoolwork and class in San Felipe,”said freshman David Vong.

At Cris’ Travel on Foothill Blvd. and Wheeler Ave. the agents said that Mexico is the place to be over spring break for college students. “Cancun [Mexico] is a very popular spot amongst college students,” said Dorothy Martin, travel agent of Cris’ Travel.

A round-trip ticket and beachfront hotel accommodations to the hot spot are approximately $500. Other popular sites amongst college students are Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Another option students have taken is to do nothing at all. They have chosen to simply rest and relax.

Some athlete-students will not have a break at all.

Neil Houska a sophomore said, “There is no spring break in baseball, luckily I love the sport.” The baseball team plays games throughout the entire week.

Lindsie Shimizu, a freshman at ULV, has decided to go home for the break to a tropical location.

She is from the South Shore of the Hawaiian island Oahu and her favorite place to spend vacation is at the beaches with “clear water” at home.

Her house is located two minutes from the shore and she does not have to pay for sleeping accommodations. Her plane ticket is $338 round-trip and she will spend her week in paradise.

“I can’t wait to go home to the beautiful beaches and the great weather to body-board in,” Shimizu said.

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