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College of Law offers scholarships

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Laura Bucio
Staff Writer

Scholarships are now easing the financial burdens for many students attending the University of La Verne College of Law in Ontario.

In order to meet the ongoing demand for employees in legal communities the University College of Law is encouraging students to continue their studies by developing a program that offers merits and scholarships.

This is the first year this campaign will be awarding scholarships, but it is expected to be very successful in the future.

“The program is funded by Inland law and business firms,” said Mary Ann McEachren, director of development for the College of Law.

The Inland Valley Arbitration Mediation Services in Pomona is one of the organizations that have donated funds for the scholarships. IVAMS has pledged to donate $1,000 every year spread over the next 15 years.

On Feb. 10 two teams of two were recognized for their work in Alternative Dispute Resolution: Jennifer Field, Michael Neaderdaomer, Jean Delgado and Vera Tyagi.

The Scholarship would be awarded to students based on their grade point average and hearings organized by the IVAMS.

“It is very important for companies like mine to give back to the community,” said Peter Eggertsen, president of IVAMS.

It is important for the students to know that other people in the community also want their success and that they are not on their own, Eggertsen said.

In addition to this, a $500 Beverly Sims Edwards Endowed scholarship is awarded to those students who excel in Real Estate Law.

The prize is awarded in honor of second year law student, Rex Edwards.

Unfortunately this scholarship has not been recently awarded since there is no current real estate class.

However the real estate class will be offered in the summer, McEachren said.

“We are trying to encourage students to continue their legal studies at our school,” said Dean Donald Dunn.

“The ultimate goal is to recruit better students,” he added.

Dunn hopes that the campaign will offer financial help.

In addition, Dunn hopes that the scholarship campaign will also help recruit students, who are willing to work hard and who excel in law so they can give back to their Inland communities.

“It has already proven to have worked,” Dunn said.

Some students have already received scholarships in the past, and are currently employed in various Inland Valley firms.

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