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Seminar addresses women’s faith

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Laura Bucio
Staff Writer

Hundreds of women gathered at the Fairplex in Pomona March 20 for the 15th annual Women’s Conference.

Every year the Los Angeles International Church of Christ hosts a women’s seminar aimed at inspiring and supporting women members of the church.

The event has been taking place since 1990, and it is always in a different location and with a different theme.

This year’s theme was “More to Life”: the idea that there is more to life than just work, school and family and that we can always improve our lives.

The seminar included two guest speakers: missionaries Tammy Flemming and Karla Escobar-Perkins, both members of the ministry.

It also included numerous performances all centered on this year’s theme.

“We are trying to inspire women to understand their relationship with God,” said Stacy Peterson, a member of the church who attended to the seminar.

The event began with a performance by Charlene Woo, who sang “Breakaway,” and Mari Ramirez, who performed the song “Casi,” in Spanish.

Both songs addressed the importance of having faith and courage to face the difficult times in our lives.

The first guest speaker, Flemming, followed the performances.

Flemming addressed some of the problems women face in their everyday lives, such as having to deal with work, and family.

Flemming also addressed the idea that a full or busy life does not guarantee fulfillment.

She encouraged women to seek God to be able to completely enjoy a fulfilling life.

Escobar-Perkins accounted how her life changed through her involvement in the church.

“There is more to life than what we see,” Escobar said. “We just need to search for that place where you can really grow on your faith.”

The program continued with testimonies from members of the church, Darlene Zamora and Cassandra Moreno.

Zamora and Moreno shared how different their lives have been since they became members of the church.

The seminar came to an end after the celebration of the communion and a quick lunch break.

Yadira Santiago, member of the church and attendant to the seminar, has been a part of the annual event for five years.

“Everything is based on the bible and meant to encourage women to be better persons,” Santiago said.

The March conference was held during the annual observance of Women’s History Month.

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