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Making room for Athens students

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Laura Bucio
Staff Writer

Since the Athens Campus was shut down last September residents at the Oaks have been moved to the Sheraton in order to make room for the Greek students who get priority at the dorms on the University of La Verne main campus.

Approximately eight to 10 Greek students moved into the available spaces at the residence halls during January Interterm. About 32-35 students were still expected.

“We felt uncomfortable having Athens students being at the Sheraton” said Byron Howlett, director of the office of Housing and Residential Life.

On the main campus the students have a chance to experience American life and ULV life, Howlett said. It is also much easier since many of the Athens students do not have transportation and are in an unfamiliar place.

On Jan. 23, residents from the Oaks moved to the Sheraton, opening up 20 spaces at the main campus.

“I really like it,” said James Muldrow, junior business major and one of the students who recently moved to the Sheraton.

Mudrow believes that the Sheraton offers a lot of comforts like housekeeping service once a week.

Residents who are of junior or senior status and in good social standing, for example, who have never been put on probation, were given the opportunity to move into the Sheraton. Few declined the option, Howlett said.

The options were made on a first come first serve basis. Juniors and seniors were also given the option to bring along their roommates if they were freshmen.

“My roommate is a senior, I’m just riding in the back seat,” Muldrow said.

“We received a letter and had to make a decision within a week,” said Marisa Garcia, senior criminology major.

The students who decided to move had their funds transferred and were not required to pay the extra amount of approximately $1,025 to live at the Sheraton.

“We can’t expect them to pay more if they can’t,” Howlett said.

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