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Shopping for simplicity is a chore

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Nila Priyambodo, Editor in Chief

Nila Priyambodo, Editor in Chief

Most college students cannot wait until spring break finally arrives. They get one full week to relax, party at exotic locations and just forget about their worries.

As for me, spring break is like any other week. But there was one difference. Besides going to work, working on senior project and trying to catch up on my other class assignments, I was on a hunt.

No, not an Easter egg hunt. A hunt to find the perfect formal dress for a wedding.

You see, a friend of mine is getting married in May, a week before finals to be exact. And I decided to not procrastinate for once and look for a dress now. I figured with my senior project, finals and final papers all coming up in May, I would not have the time in my hectic schedule to look for one.

And I did not want to get a dress just for the sake of getting a dress. I wanted to get one I actually liked. Plus, with it being prom season and all, I thought it would be a relatively easy hunt.

I was wrong.

I started this shopping extravaganza last Monday and I did not find a dress I liked until Saturday.

Why is it that all the long formal gowns are either some bright sherbet color, glittery or have a deep plunging neckline?

And then I ran into some decent ones, or what I thought were decent ones until I turned the dress around. Apparently anything that was covered up in the front was not covered up in the back.

Some dresses had slits or holes in the back or lower region of the dress that made it seem like hungry cats attacked them.

So after several days of going through what seemed like a bag of Skittles in numerous shopping plazas, I finally found a dress I could settle with.

A light was shining down on it and angels were singing as if it was sent from above.

It was a gold dress with a not-so-deep neckline. It was the perfect color and the perfect style. Fortunately for this find, I will not be looking like a fairy on some psychedelic high.

Now that I had my dress, all I needed were matching accessories. Since I found my dress in South Coast Plaza, I decided I would look for my shoes there too. It seemed to be a lucky place for me. And if you cannot find what you are looking for in this Mecca of all malls, then it probably does not exist.

To my surprise, finding the right shoe to go with this dress was as hard as finding the dress itself.

With the latest trend of wedges and corked heels, I couldn’t find a simple evening shoe with a delicate heel and peep toe opening.

And is it just me, or do out clothing trends follow foods and beverages? First it was dresses that look like the candy fairy threw up and now it is like we are walking on a bottle of wine.

Anyways, after several hours of endless searching, I finally found it; my simple golden shoes to go with my simple golden dress.

With dress and shoes in tow, I made my appointments to get my hair and makeup done.

It took me a long and dreadful week to get this settled, but it is finally over. Let’s just hope I do not have another one to go to for a while.

If I did not find what I was looking for last week, I was just going to throw in my towel and quit. After all, why do we have to dress up for some sappy wedding? I say, we should just show up in our pajamas.

Okay maybe not. But finding a dress to go to these events is just too much of a hassle.

Nila Priyambodo, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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