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Woody Hall survey hails advising and CAPA

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Nila Priyambodo
News Editor

A survey sent by the Office of Informational Technology to University of La Verne students asking them to evaluate the service at Woody Hall was recently closed and analyzed.

The survey revealed that the departments in Woody Hall have improved.

“By and large, people felt that things are getting better in all departments,” said Professor of Business Administration Janis Dietz, who conducted the survey. “They were especially complementary about CAPA and Eric Bishop.”

Freshman business major Alicia Calderon is one of the students who recognized the great service.

“They were very helpful during the times I’ve had problems,” Calderon said. “They pointed me in the right direction to solve my problems.”

Even though there were students who had some good comments about Woody Hall, it did not come without its complaints.

Senior management major Vanessa Lua believes that the online services and online registration are convenient, but also believes they can improve their financial aid department.

With the help of Dietz and Chief Human Resources Officer Frank Montavlo, who edited the survey, OIT sent 4,000 surveys to students’ ULV e-mail accounts.

By the end of October, only 1.7 percent of the students responded to the e-mail, despite the extended time.

The survey was originally sent to students in September, but by the time the survey ended in the beginning of October, only 47 students replied.

OIT extended the time for students to answer the web-based questions, but at the end of three weeks only 21 more students responded.

“We gave them two chances, but our response did not improve much,” Dietz said. “I think we did not get a huge response in part because many students do not use their ULV e-mail addresses and in part because students have other things to do.”

Montavlo thinks there are also other aspects that play a part in the small amount of responses.

“It’s hard to exactly say why only a small amount of people responded,” Montavlo said. “Maybe it’s apathy. Many students might not have an interest in this issue or maybe they do not have any comments to make about Woody Hall.”

In fall 2002, Dietz was asked by Executive Vice President and Assistant Professor of Public Administration Phil Hawkey to conduct seminars focusing on customer service to improve communication between all the administrative functions served by Woody Hall.

In 2003 the seminars, called “Living La Verne’s Mission,” were conducted with 90-minute monthly workshops on areas such as financial aid and online registration.

About 20 people from academic advising, registrar, student accounts, financial aid, SCE and admissions attended the seminars.

“Many of the participants have said getting to know each other at these sessions has improved their communication and ability to serve the students,” Dietz said.

Then in spring 2004, Hawkey wanted to gauge the feelings of the student body on the effectiveness of the changes in these areas, which led to the surveys that were sent to the students.

The survey consisted of nine questions, including questions rating students’ current satisfaction level with financial aid, student accounts, academic advising and registrar as not satisfied, somewhat satisfied, satisfied or very satisfied.

Because of the low response rate for the survey, there is a possibility the survey will be resent to students.

“The sample was too small,” Montavlo said. “It wouldn’t be fair to determine anything from this.”

Overall, Dietz believes Woody Hall is above average.

“I think the people at Woody Hall are remarkable,” Dietz said. “They are very hardworking people who I would trust with my life.”

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