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Afghanistan Symposium

From April 15 to April 17, the University of La Verne College of Law is holding a symposium entitled, “What Makes States Successful? Afghanistan and the Future of State Building,” at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel.

One of the hardest challenges of our time is to create effective procedures to assist the peoples of failed states through generous assistance and then to a way of law.

These states are important to promote and maintain peace around the world.

The symposium will examine four main areas, answering the questions as to why these states fail and how we turn them into successes.

The focuses include what causes state failures, solutions to state failures, developing action plans containing concrete solutions and these aspects within Afghanistan.

Constructed to give governments a detailed set of action items, the symposium wants to bring great thinkers together to make a set of principles that governments can use to prioritize and recognize actions that need to be taken.

One of the important aims is to produce policy guidance for forthcoming direction in the country.
It has the goal to learn from a diversity of views.

Keynote speakers include Cherif Bassiouni, research professor of law at DePaul University of Law; David T. Johnson, assistant secretary of state; Hon. Pierre-Richard Prosper, former U.S. ambassador-at-large for war crimes issues; and David Sedney, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia.

To register, contact Cindy Gaytan at or 909-460-2018.

—Kristen Campbell

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