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Dewey named permanent provost; national search bypassed

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Kristen Campbell
Editor in Chief

President Steve Morgan sent out an e-mail to faculty announcing that, with the endorsement of the Board of Trustees, he had decided to removed the word “interim” from Provost Greg Dewey’s title on Nov. 23.

“It is an honor to be recognized after only being here for one year,” Dewey said. “Everything I have done has been for the good of the University of La Verne and its students.”

In the middle of October, Morgan received a recommendation from the Faculty Senate urging he name Dewey – who had been hired on a two-year interim basis – the permanent provost.

“I have been very pleased with Greg’s work thus far and look forward to what he has in store for us,” Morgan said.

Dewey replaced Alden Reimonenq when he resigned from his position in spring 2009. Reimonenq is a professor of English.

Many faculty are pleased with Dewey’s new permanent status, however a few who have concerns with the process.

They object to the fact that a national search was not conducted before the provost was made permanent.

“Unless you conduct a national search, you cannot know whether you have the best person for a position,” Hector Delgado, professor of sociology, said.

Upon the announcement of Dewey’s new title, Delgado sent an e-mail to Faculty Senate strongly expressing his opposition, not to Dewey but to the process by which he was selected. Delgado said he feels the national search would have brought in a strong, diverse pool of candidates, allowing ULV to make the best decision.

“Although I feel strongly about a diverse administration, it is not simply about diversity, “Delgado said. “We have shortchanged ULV without a national search. A university who likes an academic reputation needs strong candidates with proven track records.”

When the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, or WASC, comes to ULV, they always have encouraged a more diverse administration and faculty, Morgan said.

“Although WASC wanted us to be more diverse, they also said our turnover of the provost position had a lack of continuity, so I made the decision in the best interest for the University at this time,” Morgan said.

Coalition for Diversity co-chairs Richard Rose, professor of religion and philosophy, and Patricia Long, professor of psychology, also sent letters in opposition.

“We in the Coalition for Diversity felt that a search for a permanent provost would have yielded a more extensive candidate pool in the interest of the University,” Rose said.

“When we received Hector’s and others’ letters, we looked at them as information and for knowledge of their opposition, and their position was considered in my decision,” Morgan said. “I did not do a national search because the Senate gave me a strong recommendation.”

The removal of the word interim from Dewey’s title is effective immediately.

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