Students voice concerns to ASULV

Mariela Patron
News Editor

ASULV hosted its first student forum of the fall semester on Oct. 3 on the South Quad.

Students were given the opportunity to voice their complaints and suggest changes to life on campus. The majority of students demanded administration to reach out to students regarding any changes in parking.

“I don’t think they’re going to do anything about it,” Lucy Arroyo, junior accounting major, said.

Arroyo suggested President Devorah Lieberman announce to Vista residents when parking lots will be closed.

Bethie Ross, ASULV president, said parking lots need to be closed during conferences to accommodate administration and guests.

“I don’t understand why, because she’s president, she has the power to block off a whole lot when parking is limited,” Arroyo said.

“Why doesn’t she (Lieberman) expect her guests to use the shuttle?” Arroyo said.

Senior theater major and Vista resident Sarah Rae Jackson expressed her confusion regarding overnight parking in the shuttle parking lot.

“I was under the impression that Vista was able to park overnight there,” Jackson said.

Jackson had parked her car on the shuttle lot overnight and hoped her car had not been towed.

The forum was also an opportunity for members of ASULV’s green committee to introduce themselves and encourage students to suggest ideas that could make the University more eco friendly.

“I feel we can do more,” ASULV senator for the College of Arts and Sciences Rebecca Kennedy said about recycling on campus.

Kennedy, part of the green committee, said she took the plan to start a community garden seriously and hoped to put the proposal into action as soon as possible.

Kennedy said the main obstacle in starting a garden on campus is finding an appropriate space for it. To start a garden, Robert Beebe, director of physical plant operations and services, would have to approve the project, she said.

Vista residents also asked administration to put an end to the ant infestation in the Vista Residence Halls.

Gabrielle Ontiveros, senior speech communications major, said she constantly sees ants crawling on the sink and shower.

“There’s literally not a day that I don’t see them,” Ontiveros said.

Ontiveros said she wishes the University would explore more efficient, eco-friendly options other than the ant traps, which do not work.

Ross said this forum was more efficient than ones in the past.

“They were actually able to give us definite concerns,” Ross said.

Instead of general complaints about bad Davenport food, students specifically let ASULV know they wanted more vegetarian options, Ross said.

In addition to food concerns, Ross said she found facility issues, such as extending cardio room hours, important.

“We want to make sure that we benefit the students in every way possible,” Ross said.

Ross said ASULV also took the forum as an opportunity to inform students about the outdoor basketball court in the works.

Ross said the next step is to give a definite list of concerns to President Lieberman, which would then be passed on to administration.

The next forum is a town hall meeting with Lieberman on Oct. 21.

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