Friday Nights Live features various musicians

Savannah Dingman
Staff Writer

Free weekly concerts have begun again as Claremont’s Friday Nights Live kicked off last Friday, allowing guests to listen to an array of live music in the multiple outdoor venues throughout the Claremont Village.

Hundreds of people came together to tap their feet and sing along to the live tunes.

The performers included four bands and artists; Steve Rushingwind and The Native Groove, Fab 8 – All Beatles, Big Junior and the Outer Wave Surf Band.

The performances were scattered around the village, but all the venues were within walking distance of one another. The bands played in the Village Square Plaza, Shelton Park, Claremont Chamber and the City Hall Plaza.

Some listeners stayed at one stage, while others enjoyed hopping from one band to the next.

“This is the third band we’re watching,” said concert goer Sheryl Linden. “They are all so talented and different from each other, but my favorite was hearing all of the Beatles songs.”

Several guests attending The Fab 8’s performance were dancing along to the familiar Beatles songs.

Seven of the eight band members sang as well as played an instrument.

“This is just so much fun to perform,” Fab 8 guitarist Hai Muradian said.

“The Beatles are one of those bands that 60 years later, people are still singing the songs, their music meant something. I hear a Beatles song and it reminds me of a certain time, like driving to the beach and going surfing with a friend of mine.”

Muradian explained that the band began with his friends about five or six years ago.

“We were at one of the [band members] 50th birthday parties. We sat around his living room singing Beatles songs, and I said ‘we should do this for people’,” Muradian said. “So, we put a band together.”

Over in the Village Square Plaza, Steve Rushingwind and The Native Groove were performing native fusion music, with Rushingwind center-stage playing a variety of wood-sound flutes.

Rushingwind is a multi-award-winning artist with 13 albums. He described the many flutes as all being individually minor keyed, meaning he uses a different flute for every song.

“I’ve been playing flute since I was 5. When you play them alone you get a personal attachment to them, it’s like you’re playing them from your heart,” Rushingwind said.

One audience member Tonyia Bourgeois, who is Native American, attended the live concert because her friend informed her that an Indian flutist was going to be playing.

“I liked the flute the best, but I really enjoyed that he was American Indian. The American Indians have a great history of feeling music, and also feeling where they are and where they go,” Bourgeois said.

This Friday, guests can look forward to hearing multiple soft rock, jazz, and blues tunes throughout the Claremont Village.

The free concerts will continue from 6 to 9 p.m. every Friday until Oct. 25.

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