University reviews permit proposal

by Damien Alarcon
Sports Editor

John Lentz, director of campus safety and transportation, and Brian Worley, director of facilities management, are seeking to implement a permit system for parking at the University of La Verne.

To prevent non-students from using assigned parking on campus, the La Verne City Council created an advisory group to seek ways to lessen parking tensions through a parking permit system.

Lentz, Worley and Executive Vice President Phil Hawkey are assigned to that advisory group.

“It became known that non-students are using the parking lots at the Oaks as a park-and-ride [carpool],” Lentz said. “This is a really tentative matter. We are in the very early stages toward having a system here.”

“We’ve been obtaining information from other campuses who have permit systems,” said Worley. “We’re comparing and looking for the best system that is suitable for this campus.”

Some schools that have been researched include Chapman University, Occidental College, Azusa Pacific University and the Claremont Colleges. Worley has worked at implementing a system for the past year.

Since implementing a permit system is early in development, a fee for the permits has not been set. Students and victors will be required to pay the fee, while a fee for faculty and staff is questionable.

Currently, no areas are designated for permit use. However, because parking spaces along Third and D streets are public, permits would not be needed for their use.

“The two-hour parking spaces are questionable because they are meant to be used by the public, but they are on ULV property,” said Lentz, regarding the two-hour spaces in the Wilson Library parking lot.

Aware of the fact that many people will be upset with the new system, Worley said, “The people who will pay to maintain the availability of parking is for the people who use the parking.”

It is also unknown as to what kind of permit will be used. According to Worley, a rear-window hanging card will be the more than likely choice.

“Our original purpose of the permits is to have only La Verne students and faculty park on our parking spaces,” said Lentz. “If this system succeeds, the earliest it will begin is next fall.”

The committee meets once a month to bring forth recommendations toward improving the parking on campus.

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