LEAD increases leadership ability

by Alejandra Molina
Staff Writer

For 17 years, the Leadership Education and Development program has provided leadership opportunities for students and campus organizations at the University of La Verne. With new establishments, program director Brian MorganArmstrong aims to increase leadership skills around campus.

The LEAD program reaches students with three components: Landis Leadership Scholars (LLS), Campus Wide Leadership and the Emerging Leader Program (ELP).

The Landis Leadership Scholars program consists of eleven students chosen through a rigorous application and interview process to take part in a year-long leadership class. This class is a new offering, designed by MorganArmstrong.

During fall semester, students are required to study the leadership theories of authors Warren Benning, Kouzes and Posner, and J. Thomas Wren. Students will then do a class project in the spring based on their developments during the fall.

LLS members receive the $5,000 Landis Leadership Scholarship in support of their leadership and academic efforts.

“I have become much more aware of my leadership style. Before I felt that I was just a student participating in events, but by being a part of the LEAD program I now feel as though I am a student that is making a difference,” said Amber Clayton, LLS member.

To apply for LLS, students must be a sophomore or junior with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a previous semester GPA of 3.0 or better. Applicants cannot be selected if they have ever been placed on social probation. Also, students must be willing to take part in a leadership role in campus organizations.

Campus Wide Leadership, the second component of LEAD, is the effort to provide student leadership by offering leadership resources to campus organizations, supporting the Student Leadership Board, hosting the LEAD Seminar series, and providing a forum for Club and Organization Advisor roundtables.

“We promote leadership advantages for all undergraduate students,” MorganArmstrong said.

The Emerging Leader Program hosts leadership seminars for any student who wants to attend. “LEAD only opened to students with an identified leader position, now it is open to everybody on campus,” said MorganArmstrong.

In previous years, these seminars were only offered five to six times a year and it was mandatory for student leaders in organizations to attend. Now, seminars are offered up to three times a month and they are optional in attendance. “We expect our leaders to attend these meetings,” said MorganArmstrong.

According to MorganArmstrong, about 80 percent to 90 percent of campus student organization leaders attend these seminars.

ELP targets incoming students interested in obtaining leadership roles around campus and is promoted at Orientation week to inform incoming students about the program.

“The seminars help me to better understand myself as a leader,” said freshman Xochitl Garcia.

Leadership seminars take place in the Student Center classroom 1 and LLS applications are available in room 103 of the Student Resource Center.

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