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Homecoming Queen harassed over weekend

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by Alejandra Molina
Assistant Editor

On Sunday morning, Homecoming Queen ShaMira DeJurnett found racial remarks and profanity on the rear and side windows of her car parked in the Oaks lot.

DeJurnett also received a phone message Monday morning consisting of the same remarks.

“It seems like ever since I won, all of these random things have happened to me,” DeJurnett said.

DeJurnett reported the incidents to John Lentz, director of campus safety and transportation.

Although there is no concrete evidence these racial slurs are a result of Saturday’s festivities, “there’s an assumption tied from her being named Homecoming Queen,” Lentz said.

Lentz met with the La Verne Police Department yesterday to inform them of what happened.

Since DeJurnett made the report, Lentz has sent extra patrol around the Oaks and its parking lot. “It seems like it has stopped,” Lentz said. He does not see what happened escalating into anything further.

Tim Tevault, editorial director, contributed to this report.

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