IVHS and assemblymen host Adoptoberfest

Hal Hargrave
Staff Writer

The Inland Valley Humane Society and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals brought love to the month of October with its Adoptoberfest event, which is providing families in the area an opportunity to adopt animals for free.

Local assembly members Chris Holden, of Pasadena; Freddy Rodriguez, of Chino; and Roger Hernandez, of West Covina teamed up with the IVHS and SPCA to host a free pet adoption event for the month of October in the Inland Valley.

“The three parties teamed up to make this happen to bring awareness,” said Primo Castro, communications director for Roger Fernandez. “We also believe that it brings great opportunities to individuals in the community to adopt and have a pet of their choice that they typically could not due to financial constraints.”

IVHS constantly hosts adoption events throughout the year that correspond with the seasons. Last year IVHS hosted “Santa Paws,” a holiday themed adoption event. Instead of paying an adoption fee, pet adopters gave donations to the IVHS.

Adoptoberfest began on Oct. 3 and will continue until the end of the month. The event is open to the community, so dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs can find loving homes.

“Since it all began at the beginning of the month, we have adopted out 200 animals to loving families,” said Robert Avila, development and communications director at IVHS. “But because we are taking in 10 to 15 new animals daily there are plenty of animals that will be left to be adopted as the month goes on.”

On the first day of Adoptoberfest, 48 animals found new homes, but since then, more than200 animals have been adopted. IVHS has already reached its typical monthly average just two weeks into the month.

On July 8, the Pasadena Humane Society along with Chris Holden and other fellow assembly members conducted the first adopt-a-pet day in the area, and saw great success which prompted the urge to want to do the event again with the IVHS.

The Pasadena Humane Society had 46 pets adopted the day of the event, where on a typical day only 10 animals are adopted.

“The humane societies are so impacted, so this event is something that allows the humane societies to reach more people,” said Wendy Gordon, communications director for Chris Holden. “It was so successful that we have already decided to go through with having this event again next year.”

With the backing of assemblymen like Chris Holden, the humane societies are able to reach people that are on the assemblyman’s mailing list to spread the word about the event.

The IVHS took the idea of a step further by doing a full adopt-a-pet month rather than just the day, so individuals who may have had possible conflicts getting into the Humane Society for just one day are able to come throughout a full month to adopt a furry friend.

“All the fees have been waived, except for a $30 fee for a microchip implementation in to both the dogs and cats,” Avila said.

Adoption fees can typically exceed over $145, but these fees are waived for the entire month and includes the first set of shots and vaccinations for the animals, spay and neutering costs, and a two week follow-up care visit with the Video Corporation of America Animal Hospital in Upland.

The office of Freddy Rodriguez was unable to comment by deadline.

“These pets and animals give unconditional love,” Avila said. “So if you have the love, the faith, the patience and the time, then make sure you come down before Oct. 31 and adopt a pet.”

Hal Hargrave can be reached at hallett.hargrave@laverne.edu.

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