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Metro styles dominate male trends

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With the personal belief that one’s image portrays how a person feels about himself, sophomore Gerard Kiamco enjoys shopping and likes to dress fashionably. He says the entertainment industry places a lot of pressure on society to look good. / photo by Chrissy Zehrbach

With the personal belief that one’s image portrays how a person feels about himself, sophomore Gerard Kiamco enjoys shopping and likes to dress fashionably. He says the entertainment industry places a lot of pressure on society to look good. / photo by Chrissy Zehrbach

Jennifer Kitzmann
Staff Writer

The current trend for fashion savvy men is to become more metrosexual and re-vamp the way they look, act and feel.

“Men’s fashion magazines are covered with advertisements with top celebrities wearing the latest trends to inspire men to become more fashionable,” said sophomore Gerard Kiamco. “In today’s world, I think men are more concerned with what they look like and what they are wearing.”

A classic post prep look that has become mainstream this season is the blazer, which can be worn with corduroys, jeans and even dress pants. They’re great over fitted tanks, the more snug the better.

Carrying a very authentic vintage briefcase, Professor of Asian and Japanese languages at ULV Andrew Ko, is a perfect example of the classy casual look, sporting the classic sports blazer over a fitted sweater worn with dark navy dress pants.

“I order many of my clothes by mail order from Hasband’s, a men’s clothing magazine, which makes it very easy to shop,” Ko said. “I have had my briefcase for over 10 years and I still believe it will never go out of style.”

Men can accessorize with leather belts in any earth tone color and the retro-punk spiked belts are still worn with jeans and pants, but borrowing grandpa’s suspenders would not be a hot item this year.

“I usually shop at Express and I usually buy my jeans at American Eagle for the latest cut in jeans,” sophomore Casey Heinen said.

So, throw out those high waisted, ankle length wranglers and invest in some low waisted flare jeans such as Hollister’s graffiti jeans, 1969 by the Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, True Religion or some new Levis, that are ever changing with the latest trends.

“Polo shirts, western shirts with authentic snaps and plain T-shirts are great with a pair of khakis or cargo shorts worn with a pair of our new suede or leather sandals,” said Ariana S, a sales representative at Banana Republic. “Colored flip flops for men can be a disaster and an even bigger fashion disaster is socks with sandals. So, don’t even think about it.”

And if you hate open toe shoes, cannot wear flip-flops and refuse to get a pedicure then visit Banana Republic and invest in their men’s moccasin loafers for spring which is always a classy look.

Pumas in any color are always a hot item but just plain sneakers or an old pair of Converse are also fashion friendly.

Think again about wearing the novelty shirts mom got you for your birthday or Christmas, especially the oversized shirts with the beer logos, reindeer or smiley faces. Charities would love to have them.

Ray Ban and Oakley’s sunglasses with the rap around band are no longer in fashion unless you surf, so you will have to upscale to aviator sunglasses, which have been the only sunglasses seen on the street this season.

“My sunglasses are prescription,” said Hector Delgado, professor of sociology, who has been seen wearing the trendy gold rim aviator style sunglasses on campus. “I am not overly conscious about fashion but I do believe people should try to match.”

If your eye glasses touch your cheek bones and resemble the bottom of a coke bottle, then it’s time to reinvest in some smaller reading glasses that fit just around the eye no larger than the shape of an egg, if not smaller.

In addition there are almost as many skin care lines for men as for women. Skin care products such as Jack Black, Brave Shave and even cosmetic counters in your local drugstore have great men’s products for skin, hair and body.

“I don’t really pay much attention to my wardrobe but I am more conscience about the kinds of shampoo I buy,” freshman Adolpho Tigerino said.

So, guys, the next time your mom or girlfriend is off to the Bath and Body Works or a skin care boutique you might want to go along and not for just the ride.

“Clearer skin and preventing break outs on the face is very important,” Kiamco said. “Men should take care of their skin and always have good hygiene because it makes them more confident and more likely to be around.”

“Most of our men get manicures and pedicures along with their monthly hair cuts,” said Ricardo Villegas of Daidones Salon manager in Los Angeles. “They are even getting their eyebrows and body waxed.”

Women say they don’t mind that men are becoming more metro-sexual because it is making them more open minded, more approachable and more understanding about taking the time to look good.

“My mom always cuts my hair with the spike cut look but if I had to go to the salon I would not be opposed to it,” Heinen said.

Villegas added: “Hairstyles for men is anything that looks good on the guy but a little longer than short but too short is too short and pony tails are definitely a no-no and topes are out, bald in the middle is also not in. Bald men are more sexier than ever and more confident, so just go for it.”

So, if you are completely lost in the men’s fashion world and need a little more help you can check out men’s magazines like GQ, Men’s Fitness or FHM for more tips on trends, skin care, latest hairstyles and even a couple of dating tips too.

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