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Concert Review: Best Coast makes waves

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Karla Rendon
Assistant Editor

Fashionable hopeful fans waited outside of Amoeba Music to see Los Angeles-based indie rock band Best Coast on Tuesday in Hollywood.

Playing a free show to promote their new EP, “Fade Away,” fans of the duo waited in line for several hours outside of the record store to see Best Coast.

Separated into different aisles of CDs and anticipating the presence of singer Bethany Cosentino and guitarist Bobb Bruno, an Amoeba employee entertained guests with trivia of the band, offering winners free gift cards for the record store.

When the trivia contest ended, guests of the show roared with applause as the band walked on stage.

With a brief “hello” to the audience, Cosentino was quick to pick up her guitar and began the show with one of their newest songs off of their EP, “This Lonely Morning.”

Bruno’s usual beach sounding, distortion-filled guitar riffs entranced the audience while Cosentino sang lyrics that sounded as if they came directly from a lovesick and lonely teenager.

The hip, Doc-Martens wearing, flower crown sporting crowd cheered as the band finished their first song, and Cosentino expressed her happiness of the audience’s reception.

“It’s crazy to think that not too long ago, I was just a teenager browsing these aisles,” Cosentino said into the microphone between songs. “Now my band is playing here onstage, and you all are here to support us.”

Although most of the audience seemed unfamiliar with the next song, “Who I Have Become,” they welcomed Best Coast’s new material with praise, applause, and whistles. One ecstatic fan loudly proclaimed her love for them.

Cosentino dedicated the next song to the audience, and familiar guitar chords excited fans.

Fans cheered as the group began one of their hits from their last album, “The Only Place.”

An upbeat song about the band’s love for the state of California, Cosentino serenaded the crowd with the band’s fun lyrics, “we’ve got the ocean/got the babes/got the sun/we’ve got the waves/This is the only place for me.”

While the band performed new songs, they did not stray from their roots and played a few old favorites from their first album.

Different from the duo’s debut album, the group uses less distortion on the vocals and guitar.

Their performance of 2010’s “Crazy for You” was much more clear, stunning a few wide-eyed audience members.

As the night progressed, the twosome ended their performance with gratitude and concluded the show with their first hit, “Boyfriend.”

The song is about yearning to call a certain someone their significant other.

Although the audience went wild with acclamation, Bruno and Cosentino rushed through the crowd favorite, making it hard to sing along.

After so many requests of playing the same, tired song, it is no wonder they wanted to finish that tune as soon as possible.

“Fade Away” is now available on iTunes and in stores.

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